Huawei further restricted from US suppliers on Trump's final days in office

19 January 2021
As Trump’s days in office are coming to an end, the Administration continues to put trade restrictions on Chinese companies.

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  • Anonymous

Oppaii, 19 Jan 2021Do not speak the sentence 'freedom of choice' whe... moreYou can buy fapple in china, actually more choices than in america. freedumbs u know?

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021How does not supplying laptop chips to Huawei protect US fr... moreYou will hide under an anonymous account, and i can't take what you say seriously

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Within its markets, key distinction. If China start saying ... moreAgreed...they basically denied american rights to buying a huawei phone...yet they still believe they have "freedom"

  • Anonymous

He knows huawei is better than iphone ,it hurts i know angry orange.

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Why doesn't he torch the White House on the way out so... morehe want's it back in 2024 :D

Imperator Neubaticus, 20 Jan 2021Good riddance Huawei. Go bite the dust. is it a good riddance because of no android support

Nonsense.. Trump knew he's going to prison anyway.. No huawei and xiaomi competition.. Others company will slow down the renovation..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Why is that so? When China bans way more things within its ... moreWithin its markets, key distinction. If China start saying what devices I can or cannot buy they can f right off too.

  • Anonymous

PKC, 19 Jan 2021Will see some comments immediately supporting Chinese Gover... moreThe problem is them interfering in other countries business with terrible excuses to do so. Ban everything from the US but leave other countries the choice.

Good riddance Huawei. Go bite the dust.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Xiaomi is next in line, better stay away from Xiaomi till 2... moreYeah, but that'll be because I'm buying a Huawei phone, lol.

  • .alpha

The US is just an authoritarian regime with little care for the rule of law. Whatever the president says is the law and congress is just a rubber stamping parliament with no power

  • Anonymous

This proved that how short sighted is the US government. This trick will always work against other small countries but not China. China companies has decent market within China to sustain during these damaged period and they will recover slowly. Once they stop relying on US and they will come back stronger sooner or later. Google and other big tech giant companies must be headache that how stupid is the government when US companies can almost monopoly the whole market but the US government itself has destroyed it.

They will release P50 anyway, 20x zoom incoming... Lol

  • Alex

Trump has actually given Biden a favor of raising the bribe amount for Chinese companies to get back to US market.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Congress is pretty anti China so I doubt Biden will be much... moreThere is bipartisan consensus in the congress that Huawei and ZTE are arms of the CCP. That said even with Biden in office, there won't be any relaxing of the existing commerce embargo.

With Trump gone, there won't likely be new restrictions .. but the ones in place most likely will stay.

my 2 cents.

  • Anonymous

Oppaii, 19 Jan 2021I wish he knew but fortunately for BBK, they do not sell mu... moreOnly OnePlus sells in USA.
The other 3 do not.

  • Anonymous

Good job

  • Anonymous

Hmm, almost as if he isn't going anywhere...

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi is next in line, better stay away from Xiaomi till 2022 to see how things go.