Huawei further restricted from US suppliers on Trump's final days in office

19 January 2021
As Trump’s days in office are coming to an end, the Administration continues to put trade restrictions on Chinese companies.

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Absurd. What is he protecting? America's wallet? Whether or not I can use Google on my Huawei phone here in Europe has zero to do with American National security.

Trump is corrupt.

I can only hope that Biden will reverse all this.

  • Crown

All of these to give Apple an edge. It will surely fail

  • hahha

Such a low level becomes USA,they become a nuisance.Trash beyond trash.

  • PKC

Will see some comments immediately supporting Chinese Government. Let US take their own decision to Ban or Allow, no need to hate in this forum....

Well, the last nails in huawei's coffin! Just about time..!

  • Anonymous

Desperate Futile Efforts LOLOLOL.

  • Anonymous

Man Trump is really becoming a soyboy the closer the day he leaves the office.

  • Anonymous

They are just telling Chinese to start making everything in China. It will take sometime but eventually it will happen.

  • Anonymous

Asimali700, 19 Jan 2021This is trump personal grudge for losing election 👍Yep, his trade war with China weakened the economy and, when Covid hit, it completely collapsed losing him the election. He probably blames China for his loss.

This is trump personal grudge for losing election 👍

  • Anonymous

Very sad.

Just forget about using US tech or selling them any of your products. Develop your own. First you'll suffer but eventually you'll get it right even if it takes 5-10 years to catch up. You're doing fine on your home country.

  • Anonymous

So he's just withdrawing the licence he gave Microsoft to work with Huawei. Biden will either take Huawei off the Entity List or grant a new licence to Microsoft to work with Huawei. No big deal really.

  • AnonD-923722

I like an clever way of Trump. Last resort action before being off as an president, impressive. Hope Biden may allow Huawei and Xiaomi ban to be lifted

I honestly don't see Biden preventing TSMC from continuing business at MAX until Huawei makes their own GPU (as reported here that they started working on but won't be available for another 4-5 years).

For how old the man is, I don't think he knows what this entire tech war is about. I'm just glad Ajit Pai is gone so maybe they'll allow foreign companies to work with Huawei despite US-made parts (hey, American Jobs; amirite? Lol).

I fail to understand why Chinese government is sleeping with US sucking its corporates like a leech