Honor is working on a new line of smartphones with Google Services

19 January 2021
Sources in Russia claim there are two sources, confirming the information.

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Hawaue Y9 camera is not good working for selfie and videos why?

wbpwns, 19 Jan 2021Anyone know if it will still give android 10 to Honor note ... moreAfter using my Honor 9X Pro for a month, it seems using an Android phone without Google Playstore is not that bad after all. Previously I was so heavily reliant on Google eco-system, I could not think of using a phone without my absolute necessary apps like Gmail, Chrome & Keep all made by Google. A month back I got hold of a Honor 9X Pro (6/256 GB, Global variant), as they were selling dirt cheap in India @INR 12.75K ($170/€156) for stock clearance.

This is the first time I used a phone devoid of Google Mobile Services (GMS) as 9X Pro is solely reliant on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Hence no Google Playstore in this Honor. After using the phone for three weeks without GMS, now I can safely say I can live with it. Inbuilt Huawei AppGallery and authentic Amazon AppStore fulfills 70% of my app needs in this phone. For the rest 30% I get it from ApkPure app store. In this phone I have completely switched to Microsoft Cloud based eco-system. I trust it. Believe me when I say Microsoft eco system is damn good on Android. Just never used it before as I was so accustomed to the Google ecosystem on Android.

I changed from:
a) Google Gmail -> Microsoft Outlook
b) Google Chrome -> Microsoft Edge
c) Google Keep -> Microsoft OneNote
d) Google Docs, Sheet, Slides -> Microsoft Office

The Edge browser particularly impressed me. I can safely say it has reached to the level of Chrome, maybe just 2% behind. Everything is as snappy as Chrome but with more added features like Collections tab which I love. In my Windows PC, I synced all my Chrome bookmarks & history to Edge on a second and voila, it is now available on the Edge browser of my PC as well as to Honor 9X Pro thanks to similar cloud based eco-system like Google. In my eyes Microsoft is the saving grace on non GMS Android phones.

Apart from software without GMS, Honor 9X Pro is a great phone for its price. Thanks to my friends, I was able to directly compare it with Poco X2/ Redmi K30, Realme 7, Poco X3 & even Poco M2 Pro/ Redmi Note 9 Pro.

Everything considered, in my eyes only two phones stands out, the X2 & 9X Pro. X2 have better cameras front & rear and GMS. For everything else 9X Pro is better. And that HiSilicon Kirin 810 is a mid-range beast, pumping out Snapdragon 845 grade performance. Now I know the strength of Huawei backing Honor. It is to be seen how the company performs independently.

Honor got nothing to do with Huawei anymore, give them all license available!

A year later - Honor become top 3 smartphone manufacturer

US - Ban them! Its a National Security concern!

- deleted -

Plot twist :honor is gonna get all Google licences and will turn into ODM manufacturer for huawei😄

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well it's pretty good honor has some phones with gms. UwU

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021These guys are dead. Honestly they don´t stand a chance to ... moreThey have a chance alright but it will be difficult. All the major offline retailers in China have a stake in the new Honor so they have good distribution channels. The difficulty is though whether they'll be able to make as good phones without Huawei's backing and also not sharing parts with Huawei means smaller parts orders and higher costs

Lets be real, they were only good because they are the cheaper huawei option and basically hand-me-down like oneplus-bbk. I don't think they can beat realme and oneplus without huawei tech and R&D.

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Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021These guys are dead. Honestly they don´t stand a chance to ... moreHonor wil need to do a complete rebrand

Which includes

Logo change.

All new UI focus on more updates.

Improvement to design language and not just plain Huawei design.

Oh hello huawei xD

Anyone know if it will still give android 10 to Honor note 10? With or without gms?

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These guys are dead. Honestly they don´t stand a chance to the likes of Realme, or Xiaomi etc...

Good. If Honor can deliver the quality products we expect from it, then they'll flourish.