Sony Xperia 10 III leaks in official looking renders

21 January 2021
You'll be hard pressed to notice any big design differences compared to its predecessor.

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ME, 21 Jan 2021If there anything good in Sony phones .. it is the batter... moreWith only 3 hours of screen time lmao.
Every phone would survive with that usage.

  • Anonymous

"Sony is sticking with huge bezels all-round."

Bezels of xperia 1 II is similar to iphone bezels (X+ series)

Plus, not everybody likes HUGE HOLES od NOTCHES on the screen.

if xperia 10 iii manges to pull off:

90hz screen at 1080p resolution with hdr oled

along side 4000 mah battery and dual front firing stereo speakers (that are actually loud and bassy and accurate!)

along side 5g sd690, 6gb ram, and Expandable storage

along side dual sim (not hybrid) or one esim

in a compact form factor like 10ii

happy to pay upto 450 dollars for it. would prefer it anyday over Samsung m51 or A51 or nord or pixel4a

don't care much about the camera pixels and zoom count etc, even if they ship it with one good camera with average daylight and nightime performance with OIS, id be fine.

Audio, Screen, battery and form factor is something where i can't compromise.... That's why sony remains a favourite after all these years

  • Yann

I will wait mark 4 because my Xperia 1 still in super good condition. I hope I accidentally break it lol.

In my opinion the perfect fone although nothing is ever perfect. What I love about this fone is compact pocket friendly size, it doesn't have useless 2mp cameras, have dual stereo speakers,headfone jack. It's doesn't follow the norm of 6,5 inch + screens with minimal breakable bezels. Pity Sony is not in all markets due to stupid marketing department

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Sony is still the best Android manufacturer out there imho ... moreSamsung is like cancer, wants to creep everywhere and make all kinds of products but in the end does nothing perfectly. Sony, in the other hand, does what he is best at and remains in this area.

zsk, 21 Jan 2021This is actually an amazing budget device! Water-resistant ... moreYeah, despite the fact that some another manufacturer make phones with better specs (at least on paper), in practice they still doesn't perform better as bad software or cooperation of wrong components ruins all the possible advantages of the better hardware. So it's not the size, it's how Sony uses it. And Sony does it well, good hardware and clean OS.

BeeAnt, 21 Jan 2021Might be a good phone to replace my Xperia X that's st... moreI second that, still using Xperia X and haven't found yet suitable new Xperia, but seems that Xperia 10 III may be the one.

  • Anonymous

I used to always buy Sony phones, had them for years. That was until the newer line up. I had an Xperia 5 the battery life was shockingly poor, I then had an Xperia 1, the waterproofing failed me. Before that I used to get the mid rangers the Xperia XA1 and so on. Now though, their mid rangers are so weak and offer far less than the competition but their prices are high enough that Sony must think they're giving us twice as much. And their premium handsets are too expensive. Very little innovation going on at what used to be an exciting brand. I feel like with every new release of a Sony handset Sony is digging another shovel of their mobile divisions grave.

  • Gazza

Let's hope it doesn't have a silly bubble on phone for calling, also stupid phone mute option, the sony experia 10 II was terrible to use

  • Gas can

Xperia 1 iii

dubsmachine, 21 Jan 2021Does anyone have a current Xperia 1ii or 5ii? I like alot ... moreYeah, I'm using a 1 ii right now.
I think the Pro apps are awful and the standard one 8s a bit weak but for snapshots the camera is fine. I'm a big fan of the display and the light touch Android, it's great to have an audio jack and SD card slot too.
Do I wish the camera was better in auto mode? Of course I do, but I'm willing to put up with that to get the other positives.

  • Anonymous

Sony is still the best Android manufacturer out there imho (well, partly with Samsung, because Samsung is bringing actually new kinds of products to the market) . Sadly their marketing isn't doing a great job (or they haven't received sufficient funds to market their products).

  • Anonymous

Dru, 22 Jan 2021Sony should just stop making phones. Bad design, bad hardwa... moreThey have a lot better design than 99% of the smartphone manufacturers out there. No stupid notches or punch holes.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 22 Jan 2021So, by your logic, Xperia Pro 5G has features that are too ... moreThis guy and the android authority guy have flawed logic, don't waste your time on them.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021No they haven't..... This is what you say to justify t... moreSo, by your logic, Xperia Pro 5G has features that are too powerful for the average joe, can be offered to users of the Samsung Galaxy S/Note series or iPhone 12 owners? If yes, then why Sony didn't open the sales to them though so they can up their sales? Or can you explain why Xperia 1 II selling better than OG Xperia 1?

  • Dudu

Dru, 22 Jan 2021Sony should just stop making phones. Bad design, bad hardwa... moreActually you do realize that Sony uses stock android?

TheGoldenMellifluous, 21 Jan 2021For 64MP, not sure though, Sony hasn't implemented any... moreTheir mid ranger would be worth something if it came with raw in all fovs and way bigger screen. Just comparing to realme x3 superzoom is ridiculous. Yes, it got a jack, but is it enough to offset the rest of hw? It feels like they compare themselves to apple which can sell anything because of OS, but even their 'cheap' phone got way more power.
Its just too underperforming.

  • ...

Dru, 22 Jan 2021Sony should just stop making phones. Bad design, bad hardwa... moreHardware is pretty much standardized among all devices, its either mediatek, allwinner or qualcomm cpu, sony camera(there are are rare instances of samsung camera), gorilla or dragontail protective glass, same radio chip for telecommunication, same type of battery, lcd or oled screen with some small variations in frequency and resolution and nit color.

Only distinguishing factors on phone right now no matter the brand is frequency of updates, length of support, battery size, design, having bloatware or not, RAM type and size, storage type and size and camera lens and camera sensor size.

Now we still don't have most of specs right now, but if we look at the device specification as given, we can assume that device is pretty much standard upper mid range device. The only thing that will make or break this phone is the price. If it is shock and water proof I believe slightly higher price is justified, specially considering low amount of bloatware on the device with frequent updates and good battery optimization software that Sony typically has.

But as I said we don't have full information, the phone right now looks like upper mid range, but we still dont clock speed of the cpu and gpu, ram and storage size or event the type, we don't know the camera lens size or camera sensor size.
We still don't know much about phone so rather than claiming that the phone is bad and be a fanboy, its better to be reserved and just wait and see. If the phone doesn't meet the expectation in terms of specification for its price range, then I believe you can complain about the phone. Though I believe your complains about design are flawed, just cause its not standard look of a phone doesn't mean its bad, in fact phones without borders are more fragile as the screen is on the edge of the device, not to mention accidental presses on the side of screen don't make it really convenient for the user to use.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021Do you know there is k20 pro or k30 pro exists? These phone... moreIf that makes you feel better go ahead.