Sony Xperia 10 III leaks in official looking renders

21 January 2021
You'll be hard pressed to notice any big design differences compared to its predecessor.

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  • Anonymous


I really want this thing but the price tag brah.
It's pricier than sammy which already considered pricier android,

  • Horzy

Sorry, it's ways too narrow, it should be wider, like 77mm or something

  • Mony

Ofc they are gonna ask for 500 euro for this typical greedy sony

YUKI93, 21 Jan 2021I'd say that the Realme you mentioned is more of an up... moreok

Someguy20, 21 Jan 2021What about realme 6 Pro?I'd say that the Realme you mentioned is more of an upper midrange phone mainly because of its SD 700 Series chipset. When it comes to midranges with SD 600 Series chipset that has a proper telephoto camera, the list is not a lot:,33,44,4,5,45,28,59,6,7&nOrder=1

  • Fuel

Still ugly design

  • Anonymous

How many system and security updates does Sony give?

YUKI93, 21 Jan 2021Exactly! There are not many midrange phones around that has... moreWhat about realme 6 Pro?

Haboubi, 21 Jan 2021Xperia 10 III has these improvements over Xperia 10 II muc... moreIf Sony were to include all that, it would be more expensive than the A72

Xperia 10 III has these improvements over Xperia 10 II
much better chipset (sd690 over sd665)
the top speaker has much better placement
dedicated camera button (I'm not totally sure but there is an extra button)

and hopefully I'd like to see these improvements
more RAM (6GB over 4GB)
more battery capacity (4000 over 3600)
better screen refresh rate (90hz over 60hz)
better screen-to-body ratio (80% over 77%)
more sensors (including gyro)
stereo audio

This is a simple but beautiful and elegant smartphone, IMO the only thing to make it visually better would be to have the same horizontal camera layout as the Meizu 17 Pro/Xperia 10, but that's a detail.

sm4rt4ss, 21 Jan 2021Booooooring. To be brutally honest, smartphone design itself is too boring nowadays. Everything looks pretty much generically the same, even for curved-screen smartphones.

BliTTzZ, 21 Jan 2021Xperia 10ii was without front facing stereo speakers. Not many phones do have a front-facing speaker. Best of luck finding that with today's smartphones.

NICANGEL777, 21 Jan 2021Better have huge bezels than those f&#king notches and ... moreSame with me. I still don't like notch and punch hole, especially when watching videos.

dubsmachine, 21 Jan 2021Does anyone have a current Xperia 1ii or 5ii? I like alot ... morePut it simply, if you only want a Pixel or iPhone-like point-and-shoot experience, just use the stock Camera app because it's not any different from what you experienced from Pixel and iPhone stock Camera app. The only reason you want to use the Photo Pro app is that you want total manual control over the camera settings.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 21 Jan 2021At least, this midranger has a proper telephoto lens, which... moreExactly! There are not many midrange phones around that has a proper telephoto camera. Even the Motorola One Zoom with Snapdragon 675 chipset has a proper 3x zoom telephoto camera.

Doesn't look any different from the current Xperia 10 ii. Even the camera setup sounds similar as well. But since Sony is pushing 5G connectivity, I should expect to see Snapdragon 690 5G in the new 10 iii. Come to think about it, Sony could consider making a Plus version with the Snapdragon 765G chipset.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021Hope it will not cost more than 300-350EUR. Is definitely a... more10ii was 350 euros.
This one has extra cost of 5G.
No chinese pieces, not made in China, not designed in China.
Impossible to be cheap.

  • Tyler999

I was once a fan of Sony but they have really derailed from innovators to just another phone brand. While the Chinese behemoths have been annihilating the competition. Sony plays it strictly safe and boring. I would love to see Xperia line being taken over by another electronics giant. Their gaming, camera, audio divisions have done wonders while their TV and phone departments struggle. The TV category is somewhat stabler.