Redmi pledges allegiance to Dimensity 1200, promises a gaming phone in 2021

21 January 2021
No word on whether the two will be the same phone.

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  • 23 Jan 2021

This is exciting.
Looking forward to see how your gaming phone will beat ASUS ROG line.

A gaming phone that is Powerful yet cheaper would be nice.

Im using ASUS ROG PHONE 3 and its a beast but very expensive.

    Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021Redmi will soon release two phones using D1200: (1) Redmi ... moreNo,the standard K40 uss Sd870 and a 64MP main camera(IMX682/686)
    K40Pro use HM2

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      • 21 Jan 2021

      Redmi will soon release two phones using D1200:
      (1) Redmi K40 (non-Pro), with D1200 and HM2 108MP main camera, expected in February;
      (2) first Redmi gaming phone, with D1200 and 166Hz AMOLED FHD panel, expected in March.

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        • 21 Jan 2021

        All these new phones being released makes me want to upgrade.

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          • 21 Jan 2021

          Hopefully that means that it will become available internationally, instead of getting stuck on China and the grey market.

            el andalousi, 21 Jan 2021gaming? same gpu with the dimensity 1000...mid range gaming phone
            GPU equal to Sd855+,enough for most game

              el andalousi, 21 Jan 2021gaming? same gpu with the dimensity 1000...13% stronger however

                gaming? same gpu with the dimensity 1000...

                  what i call a pure gaming phone are without fancy camera, body, or others useless feature for gaming... just like iphone se but bigger screen and battery.

                    This is absolutely awesome... Gamers... And traditionalists alike... Redmi have listened... Redmi. Now going all in for the ever expanding. Ever competitive. Cutting edge gaming market... Well done Redmi... Armoured flagships and the ever expanding gaming market is throttling forward... All the time... So good to hear... Wow Dimensity 1200... Ouch. That will make a very very good gaming phone. Please do not for one second underestimate the Mediatek Dimensity 1200, or the SD870... And especially not the SD888... SD888+ will be on its way shortly... Gamers... This is your time... Enjoy gaming... And make sure that 1st place always... 2nd place is just not enough...