vivo X60 Pro+ unveiled: camera monster with 1/1.3" main sensor, upgraded gimbal stabilization

21 January 2021
The phone also has two telephoto lenses - a 5x periscope and a 2x portrait lens. Also, new image processing algorithms to run on the S888 chipset.

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  • No matter

Ai ai ai. It all was looking so good, until it said it has no wifi charging. No go. I'm done with cables long ago.

  • Anonymous

Good specs/price ratio, but the devil is in the details. How is Vivo's support and how is their camera processing?

  • Anonymous

Sony brings eye AF to xperia. Vivo does same.
Sony does deal with zeiss, vivo does it.
Sony puts Cirrus Logic inside the phone, vivo does it too.

Looks like the love Samsung has for Apple. LOL !!!!

  • awww shot

AnonD-973296, 21 Jan 2021Phantom Blue? are they seriously copying samsung naming sch... moreohhh now it makes sense.................

  • Anonymous

"And by the way, the phone comes with a charger, cable, USB-C headset and a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter in the box (to use with the Cirrus CS4313 DAC)"

how we use that DAC? is the DAC integrated inside the adapter?

  • Anonymous

when you sell an edge screen (3D glass) as an upgrade haha

  • AnonD-973296

Phantom Blue? are they seriously copying samsung naming scheme at this point? also look at the picture where it shoes everything about the camera, doesn't that slightly remind u of the way apple shows all the key features of a product, with all the different size bubbles? im assuming this makes me sound childish, but i mean, its hard not to notice that

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021No phone on the market captures more light per time per fra... moreLight capture alone does not equate to good image quality

  • Anonymous

No phone on the market captures more light per time per frame. It is equivalent to Canon Aps-c + f/3.4 OIS lens or Pixel 5 sensor + f/0.9 OIS lens.

Plus side: their hi res modes are usable, so now ultrawide, wide and short tele got hi res.
Downside: need cable attached to use a jack, 5x tele is underpowered(would expect 32mp), global availability is poor.
If they could bring a jack and raw for all cameras it would be worthy phone.

1000 yen upgrade, OOF

  • Anonymous

No gorilla virtus
No IP rating
No stereo speakers
No sd slot
No jack
No usb 3.x
Poor software support

Base version = $780 in China

" Super nice !! "

"The curved 6.56” OLED display"
vivo lost me here. I don't like curved screens. Lack of 3.5mm jack is also a deal-breaker.

Well, at least they're putting better hardware into cameras, maybe at some point we'll have triple 108mp cameras in a phone and these extras stop being gimmicks...

  • aquinoes

As the owner of a X50 pro+ I can only recommend this brand. My previous phone was a Xiaomi mi 10 which I sold after just two weeks due to its horrible photo quality. The xiaomi mi 10 108 MP sensor paired with a subpar quality lens was a bad joke. The vivo x50 pro+ is probably the most outstanding phone I have ever had, by a lot. Only criticism is its difficulty to grip without a case (and it's a shame because I own the fauxleather variant).

I don't know how much better will be the gimbo stabilization in the telephoto, but it's more than decent as it is currently with just 'regular' OIS.

Battery life and computing power seems more than adequate to me with the 865. Would like to see USB 3.x and therefore video and DEX-like capabilities directly through usb.

I am also expecting google auto connectivity directly through wifi which is supposedly coming along with Android 11 update. Other than that, it seems more and more difficult to include any noticeable enhancement at each generation. So if it doesn't breaks I don't see me changing phone in a few years.

  • Anonymous

Jacktackle, 21 Jan 2021There are let downs like 48mp when we are looking for 108 o... moreLast time I checked the Mi10 ultra also carries 48mp camera and that one is one hell of a camera!

As I told you earlier this is much better than xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

Nice phone

Jacktackle, 21 Jan 2021There are let downs like 48mp when we are looking for 108 o... moreMate quality not quantity. Vivo's probably on par with most 108 mp phones

  • justSomeRandomGuy

I was getting more excited as I continue reading especially about the Ultrawide having a 48 MP camera w/a lot of upgrades. most OEMs, if any at all, gives the Ultrawide cam some love the way Vivo did with this phone. However, my hopes got smacked after knowing that...
- no headphone jack
- no IP rating despite not having a headphone jack
- small battery (it should be at least 4500 mAh if it has 120 Hz rr)
- no mention of stereo speakers
- no SD card support
- no mention of having a stock Android like UI instead of that horrid OriginOS a.k.a. iOS 14 ripoff

  • Anonymous

Hope will be with stereo speakes. I see have curved screen. So bad. Curved screen: look premium phone? Not for me. Have more adventages a flat screen than a curved. If not, perfect phone.