Google threatens to exit Australia over news content law disputes

22 January 2021
The Australian government wants the company to share royalties with media outlets on articles found through the search engine.

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  • Anonymous

If any of you think this is a good thing you are as stupid as the Australian government and that is a very very very low bar. Bunch of dumb ass bogans that think they know how things should work yet they are only trying to line their own pockets with more money.

  • AussieBloke

Let them make their empty threats. They wouldnt dare do this in China or anywhere else, why should we bow to pressure? People should just use or . Googles not going anywhere, but it helps everyone if we have a diverse range of search options to prevent a monopoly anyway!

Truer, 22 Jan 2021You can use any search engine you like. Having google in yo... moreBut it makes it the only one that almost everyone uses.
Kind of a monopoly like if Intel was before AMD took over.

GSMarenaFan, 24 Jan 2021Absolutely true. Totally agree to what you say. It's a... moreWho cares, we've lasted pre google, will find ways to live after google.
They censor so much news it's not even credible anymore.

Huawei Fan Man, 23 Jan 2021Same how usa giants purchased every business which was pote... moreLol, China can't buy most US tech companies
1. Government won't allow the sale
2. They can't afford it

Yee, 23 Jan 2021Yet another thing that Australia does better than any other... moreAgree with you about 'Stralia doing it's own thing, I just hope their inquiry into the severe misinformation given by China to the World Health Organization (who's also probably a corrupt s#it organization) doesn't get swept under the rug. Though I haven't heard anything in a long while about it.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2021well said., Trump banned US products from selling to China.... moreYou do realize that China and the US are the biggest trade partners to each other than everybody else right?
The tech sector is a minor blip.

CCCP 2021, 22 Jan 2021seems people loving cheering Google over GMS ban on Huawei ... moreBecause huawei is tied to the communist government.

Truer, 22 Jan 2021Hello american citizen. Don't tell me that BS that you... moreNot sure what commie country you live in but int he west it doesn't work like that.

  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 25 Jan 2021What else are we supposed to use, Bing? lolDoing that for more than 10 years now, never had any issue with my search results. What's the problem with bing? (and yeah, I do remove the google search from my phone since I don't like the presentation of google results)

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Wait, people still use Google search engine ? What else are we supposed to use, Bing? lol

  • Pez

What people aren't understanding is that IF this law passes, it is not just google that has to pay, its ALL search engines.

Australian media sites just like us do not pay to host videos on youtube, post tweets on twitter or have facebook pages dedicated to their news reporting. They get all that for free instead of setting up their own servers. Also I will uses as an example with the Arnold Schwarzenegger speech, they grabbed the whole video and posted it on youtube on their own account, taking viewers from Arnolds account and on to theirs. I bet they didn't pay him or get his approval.

Australian media want access to user data, not 100% on what data they want in the data.

Australian Media think this will level the playing field on big and small news sites, this will not. People search things on what ever search engine, if something pops up that interests them, they click the link. If this law passes these small media outlets will not be seen. They wont get the traffic, they will close down. This only gives big media an advantage.

To the people who say "good, google should go", that is your opinion and a selfish opinion, we arent all one in thought. Googles tools/applications are ease of access to ALL and mostly free, yes you have adverts, but they dont stop me from using them. Yeah you might like outlook over gmail, but that is your opinion. Get over it and think of the whole picture not just yourself.

If this law passes it is not good, big media are greedy, Rupert Murdoch is greedy.

Anders, 22 Jan 2021Stay strong Australia. A handful of billionaires should not... moreAyy, I use duckduckgo too.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Wait, people still use Google search engine ? Of course. No other search engine comes close worldwide. Microsoft's Bing is number 2. All others are just meh.

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2021I agree with Australia. If Google can push ads on us and wa... moreWell said.

Dometalican, 22 Jan 2021*grabs popcorn* This is going to be interesting. For the... moreWell thats more than correct.

  • GSMarenaFan

FreezeGame, 24 Jan 2021Due to Google's search results, I often visit news out... moreAbsolutely true. Totally agree to what you say. It's a bit creepy to imagine the world without Google, incase all countries take suit.

  • 4laptop4

Chine: Google Ban
Google: We will modify ourselves as per your norms

OZs: Share your bread
Google threatens.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021I don't see the issue there's other search engine... moreI don't think so it will only stop the search engine. Google is bad ass, It will exit all of it services like Gmail, YouTube, Drive etc. It will have a huge Impact over a lots of business and users. Do you really think threatening a Tech Giant like this will ever work ? Australia is not like Chine that it will make all replica of services.

  • Anonymous

Wait, people still use Google search engine ?