New Sony Xperia Compact is on its way, first renders leak

25 January 2021
The phone might arrive as a direct competitor to the iPhone 12 mini, but sources from Japan say otherwise.

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  • Bebi

Me too waiting for Sony compact

  • Chris T.

Any news on the compact? Will we ever see it?

Hoping for an at least mid ranger and no camera hole or notch/teardrop.

  • Anonymous

Helly yes audio jack. Those usb c adapter cause so much problems in apps are breaking all the time.
audio jacks are definitle not on budget side - theyre on rational side...

Flagship, means it’s should be a small compact premium candy bar. iPhone 12 mini I would rather said it’s kinda overpriced. Whole 12 series should be premium, but 12 and mini just got aluminium mid-chassis. So wrong in my opinion. Even iPhone 4-5se got a stainless steel mid-chassis.

  • Anonymous

Low-end and small is an enticing combination.
But it's Sony, so will probably be relatively expensive.

  • Lex

Not the teardrop please

Jagoo, 03 Feb 2021Please make it flagship ! The compact flagship smartphone i... moreAgree

  • Anonymous

Ibu, 03 Feb 2021I still have my Xperia XZ1 Compact from 3 years ago, such a... moreLikewise. It fits in my pocket and I can comfortably hold with one hand

The Xperia 5 ii is 68mm too wide to hold in one hand, should be maximum 64mm if it is a boxy thin phone otherwise 63mm as the xz1 compact

  • Ibu

Baby Stinky, 02 Feb 2021To this day, I am still using the XZ1 compact which I belie... moreI still have my Xperia XZ1 Compact from 3 years ago, such a reliable phone. Just waiting for a new compact phone so i can update

  • Jagoo

Please make it flagship ! The compact flagship smartphone is what we need nowadays.

  • Baby Stinky

To this day, I am still using the XZ1 compact which I believe is still relevant. Only alternatives I see, size wise is Apples IP12mini. I hope Sony gets back to the compact lineup as the Xperia 5 ii doesn't feel as compact as what they were doing before.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this. Stay safe!

  • Nay Kyout Khay

I m waiting flaship compact. 5 inches size is perfect for compact. I hate notch.

Jac, 25 Jan 2021I love a compact phone. My Sony xz2 compact has been my bes... moreJac, I have two xz2 compacts, the became faulty with the bottom microphone, useless and nobody can repair it for me in south africa, the second one I am using right now, I like the compacts do much but my best holding compacts I ever had were boxy not rounded and in 63-64mm wide maximum the z3, z1 compact, the x compacts the most pleasing to hold, the xz2 compact negetivity is 1mm too wide and rounded back that feel the hand make it even much more wider for my hand to wrap it, I have tinny Donald Trump hands and therefore must have a compact 63 to 64 mm wide boxy phone

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021Hope it's budget! Just keep the battery thick and pric... moreHope it is not a budget, please Sony make a compact flagship for us the rich men

Sony were the only brand with compact flagship up to this days the xz2 compact, Apple stole the idea from Sony, and many iPhone sheep's buy now the A1 2 compact like the first one in the world

Compact in my sense is not wider than 64 mm, I am Mediterranean with tiny Japanese hands and must have a thin 63-64mm wide and flat body not rounded like my xz2 and not too heavy as a brick, cameras this time must be much higher spec at least like the 5ii including 4000 battery, preferably oled screen.?, I'll pay the xperia 5ii but on a flagship like hardware

  • Wapo311

I hope we can buy this online from Philipines..thanks sony budget compak phone 3-4gig ram ..yes

The size of the Z compact series was perfect. A larger screen on the same Zxc size device is what I am looking for. 5 inches overall length. Fits in the pocket, stays in the hand. Still using an X compact.