Xiaomi to launch a Mi 10 refresh with Snapdragon 870 SoC

26 January 2021
It's rumored to cost around CNY3,500 in China.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Lol, true. At least they have cheap phones. You can get one each 6-12 months without losing too much money. But you need to basically throw away your last one, as nobody wants it anymore for being obsolete.

  • Ali

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Amin to that. I just hope USA will ban them like Huawei a... moreYou really need to get hold of your life and buy what you want instead of praying for sanction and commercial cheating to take out choices!
Freedom might be scary sometimes bit it is what make all this achievements real.

  • avinash

when they are planning to launch ? and what will be the price ???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021I'm done with Xiaomi with their unfixed bugs to order ... moreAmin to that.
I just hope USA will ban them like Huawei and I will stop seeing tens of their models in Europe.
Their hardware is ok for couple of months, because is cheap. But as soon as the next set of models arrive, is bye bye phone. You need to update also. Not to mention, the reselling procedure of a Xiaomi phone is very hard, because nobody is interested in second hand Xiaomi phones. Unless you are willing to sell it for nothing.

YUKI93, 26 Jan 2021Fair point. But if the hardware spec for Mi 10 refresh is n... moreYeah no need for Mi10 user to upgrade,this phone is just to use to fulfill the gap between Mi10 Lite(and later Mi11Lite)and Mi11
Mi10T series are not sold in some country

  • Anonymous

Andrew 65, 26 Jan 2021For what?? Mi 10 in 865 that 870 is the same!!! Jesus!!😶😶Not exactely, the sd 865+ is about the same as 870
But even if comparing 865 with 870, It doesn't worth even if someone play on Emulators like EGG NS or damon os2 or dolphin......
Or high end ANDROID games "pubg and cod are not high-end"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021even BBK have phones with IP68 like Oppo Find X2/X3 pro ... moreWho cares ? If it is water resistant, and it is surely is
Then there is no need to pay, for nothing
Maybe it is not water proof but it won't be either even if it is bcuz you will have to pay if it stop working bcuz of water
50$ of a name "ip68" will make a big difference between someone who has "X" budget, and someone who has "X-50$"
If we take X as the same price of the phone
I love my logic

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021I'm done with Xiaomi with their unfixed bugs to order ... moreyes, they need to get consistent on software
cheap hardware alone is hot garbage

  • AnonD-973296

Xiaomi stop refreshing your crap, all we want is for u to get on with is the mi11 lineup, they r gonna do what redmi did with the note 9 lineup, eugh

Xiaomi- "hi guys today we r announcing the mi10 pro+ ultra max 5G lite super zoom x a i c v t s k note power black shark NFC racing 10x superzoom prime youth edition"

  • Anonymous

I'm done with Xiaomi with their unfixed bugs to order phones but busy releasing hardware after hardware. It's true you only buy hardware from Xiaomi without software support.

  • MF

Zero, 26 Jan 2021Soft bugs are nothing comparing exploding/burning phones li... moreU r still have n 2016 man.. Growup..

  • Anonymous

Mi 10 (SD870) is better than Mi 10 (SD865), with improved performance (SD870 is better than SD865Plus) and comparable thermal.

If you have Mi 10(SD865), you have no need for this upgrade. But if you are interested in Mi 11(SD888), this is a viable alternative. You can expect some significant discount at the upcoming 6-18-2021 Shopping Festival for Mi 10 (SD870).

This also serves as a reminder for Xiaomi smartphone buyers: Better phones are just a few weeks away, and significantly better phones are at most a few months away.

  • Anonymous

Only Mi 10, Mi 10Pro, and Mi 10Ultra will be considered the proper members of the Mi 10 family. All others are either adopted children, or the "servants" of the family. Mi 10 (SD870), as a better version of Mi 10(SD865), will the real 4th child of the Mi 10 family. It is intended for those who are not happy with the thermal performance of Mi 11(SD888), offering slightly less performance than Mi 11(SD888) but better thermal.

By the way, Xiaomi has just lowered the price of Mi 10(SD865) from 3800CNY ($585) to 3400CNY ($520), to compete against Honor V40 (3500CNY, $540). This new Mi 10 (SD870) will be similarly priced at 3400CNY ($520).

I'd love an SE refresh too, it's starting to show it's age with the processor a little.

ericwang, 26 Jan 2021Qualcomm stop selling vanilla Sd865 now,and Xiaomi run out ... moreFair point. But if the hardware spec for Mi 10 refresh is not any different than the existing SD 865 Mi 10, I see no reason to upgrade.

  • Norwegian Gangster

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021My mi 10t works fine until now. No bug at all. Idk how u gu... moreThere aren't any bugs. That guy is trollling with the same thing in another article as well.
My mi 10T Pro has no such problems that this guy is claiming.

YUKI93, 26 Jan 2021Is this even necessary? I'll keep using the vanilla 86... moreQualcomm stop selling vanilla Sd865 now,and Xiaomi run out of Sd865 they ordered.
So Mi10 refresh is just a Mi10 with Sd870...

Can they refresh the Mi 9 SE with an 870 or 765? I was on a Xiaomi kick for a while, but I've decided I'm never buying another phone wider than 72mm. I never carry them daily. Xiaomi is basically dead to me at this point.

Why comment so shitty
Sd870 have no real difference compare to Sd865,just name and frequency change
Xiaomi just want to keep on producing Mi10 to fullfil the price gap between Mi10Lite(and later Mi11 Lite) and Mi11.
And since Qualcomm stop selling Sd865,Xiaomu just put the Sd870 on Mi10 and call it Mi10 refresh/Mi10S
No real difference between those two phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021Maybe because Xiaomi couldn't optimize it well ,even i... moreMy mi 10t works fine until now. No bug at all. Idk how u guys get this bug. Can anyone explain?