Motorola Edge S is official with Snapdragon 870, 5G and triple camera

26 January 2021
The Edge S is on sale from today in China, will begin shipping on February 3.

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  • mshimul


  • Marty

These days I'm still wondering why companies put in really bad camera sensors (like what can a 2mp sensor do) when they can cut off more of the price by using one superb sensor (like the pixel 4a). Other than that, this phone is an absolute steal, I still can't get over the fact Motorola made such an extraordinary device, wish them success in selling it (hopefully in Europe) :)

  • Anonymous

AXZz-D, 27 Jan 2021It'll charge fast enoughand the battery will last more than 1 year :)

CptPower, 28 Jan 2021Not bad for that price definitely the phone is awesome. I agree with your words

I hope they launch it worldwide

  • Anonymous

Nice, super duper mobile on this price

Not bad for that price definitely the phone is awesome.

Amazing phone if i consider price, i think best price:performance phone after long years ago poco f1

  • Thiyagu

Sam Kevin, 27 Jan 2021LCD display oh my God. Nit gonna buy..Their LCD displays are well optimized and there should be no complaints with performance. I have used their older generation X series as well as new mid rangers such as One fusion plus which have LCD displays but still match the quality of amoled displays.

Atik, 27 Jan 2021Moto edge looks awesome 👍 All features are good but Char... moreIt'll charge fast enough

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021The front dislay actually looking much better than the pill... moreI like pill cutouts more than this tho I don't like Unnecessary gaps so

  • yeah

Budgetguy, 27 Jan 2021That dual front cam is UGLY!it's time somebody implements UDC on the front of the phone, even if it's at the level of ZTE AXON 20 quality wise
ZTE failure was only that they made it square, if it'd covered only a circular punch hole it had been a huge success.

  • Anonymous

impinas, 27 Jan 2021The front is hideous...The front dislay actually looking much better than the pill shape dual camera cut out., Now that's fugly

  • Budgetguy

That dual front cam is UGLY!

  • Atik

Moto edge looks awesome 👍
All features are good but
Charger is only 20w🤔

The front is hideous...

LCD display oh my God. Nit gonna buy..

  • Anonymous

They should have included Amoled instead of LCD even if it would have costed 30-40 dollars more

  • Anonymous

Correction, sd870 is using cortex a77 cores, not a78.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-973296, 27 Jan 2021why are they adding charger bricks in the box? we have so m... moreYou forgot the

  • Abdul Arif

Please release this amazing thing in Indonesia at same price.. this will become terghoib "ghoib" phones. :v