The iPhone 13 series will definitely support Wi-Fi 6E, says Barclays analyst

27 January 2021
Previously, the analyst said that Apple "may" add 6E support, but now things sound a lot more certain.

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AnonD-948658, 29 Jan 2021Enjoy your beta softwareIt's actually iOS that rolls out beta software on users and then spends the rest of the year fixing those bugs. You are projecting the experience of your sh¡tty experience on to Android users

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Android-Authority, 28 Jan 2021Android has already established its Authority in the smartp... moreEnjoy your beta software

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021...and what is it?U can just search on Google. There's some techniques to fool Face ID

AnonD-804996, 28 Jan 2021No, just explaining to clueless Android fanboys as they are... moreAndroid has already established its Authority in the smartphone market.
IPhones will never touch the legacy of Android.

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AnonD-804996, 27 Jan 2021What choice? All Android phones suck at things that are the... moreEven this kindergarten boy tried to explain something techqie! Which is completely bs and full of errors

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[deleted post]No, just explaining to clueless Android fanboys as they are relentlessly bashing iOS with made up BS.

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..."will support, will have"...
I believe Iphone users have heard that too many times over the years.
IP12 still doesn't have A LOT of thing that the people thought they'll be getting and it'll be another years before they will.
That's if ever, since apple is recently removing more components, rather than adding.

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Save a second face with your mask on?

AnonD-804996, 27 Jan 2021I think they won't bother, they'll just wait till... moreAnd yet the rumours are saying it will get smaller this year? I don't think it's just that simple to do like this guy said. Quite sure Apple would want to make it smaller if it's possible.

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Raffel, 27 Jan 2021You didn't understand what i mean. Just by moving the ... moreI think they won't bother, they'll just wait till they can get rid of it entirely.

Raffel, 27 Jan 2021You didn't understand what i mean. Just by moving the ... moreIf it would be that simple, pretty sure they would have done it already years ago?

AnonD-804996, 27 Jan 2021How many phones have at least 3 additional sensors/units up... moreYou didn't understand what i mean. Just by moving the earpiece (without removing any sensor) to the frame they can make the notch smaller
This is the concept:

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Tigolebitties, 27 Jan 2021There's a trick on how u can use Face ID with the mask on....and what is it?

oqu, 27 Jan 2021that's all fine and dandy but I want to discuss the el... moreThere's a trick on how u can use Face ID with the mask on.

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Wily2021, 27 Jan 2021Notch have never been a problem except for droidboys who do... moreI used to hate on notch super hard. Now I actually have a phone with one because I came to it for other reasons and it just happened to have one and I couldn't give two farts about it anymore. It'll be great when we'll all have just seamless edge to edge displays, but I really just don't give a damn. And if notch is not a problem, I think I could easily live with teardrop, punch hole or whatever.

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[deleted post]What choice? All Android phones suck at things that are the biggest problem with Android itself (crappy updating support, terrible segmented updates releases that can take months for same update between different countries/regions or device segments, absurd OS version fragmentation etc). All they do is smear some different lipstick on them and push them on the market. You're just choosing among bunch of different covers/skins within fundamentally broken ecosystem. I seem to be in minority apparently, but for me it's a big deal. I can ignore a lot of Apple specific annoyances when this part is done right and it's done right with Apple.

Just yesterday iOS 14.4 arrived. I've seen the news about it and upon checking, it was there. That same moment. You know how this goes with EVERY Android phone? First you hear news about new version. Then you have 150 people asking for what region it is and then you have 50 people who say they've been running it for a week already and then it takes weeks of waiting while everyone around you seem to be getting update except you. And after few more weeks of waiting, you finally get the update. Which was released like 2 months ago. Or if you're unlucky, after waiting for months, you read new leaks about it where your specific version of device gets excluded from updates entirely. Been there, seen that. Several times. I was so fed up with this crap I literally jumped ship to iOS over night. Apple updating is literally the exact opposite and my god I wish Android adopts this one day. Preferably sooner than later. Might return to Android then. But until that happens, pretty much unlikely unless Apple does something really absurd with other things. And even then I'd probably really rethink if returning to Android is worth it.

As for WiFi 6E thing people are getting hyped so hard about. WiFi 6 is AX standard. 6E is evolution of WiFi 6. It offers support for 6GHz band and additional channels. And that's about it. To utilize that you first need super fast internet connection at home, then you need actual router with WiFi 6E support and then a phone with WiFi 6E support. Lets just say most users don't have any of these 3 things. And even if you satisfy 1 or 2 out of 3 conditions, you're not really utilizing it well. It'll be great for early adopters who meet all 3 conditions because their networks won't have to fight for frequencies with other networks for quite a while. But many won't be able to meet all 3 for a long time, even if you can easily buy latest router and latest phone, your landline infrastructure might not be capable and then you're left at mercy of the ISP to provide fiber optics with such speeds. You'd be shocked how many people are still on copper and how many fiber optics are some weird split mishmash with bunch of people stuck on same nodes.

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Raffel, 27 Jan 2021But the most annoying part is that apple can easily make th... moreHow many phones have at least 3 additional sensors/units up there in addition to speaker and front facing camera? That does take extra space. Where others have up there just front facing camera, speaker and I'm assuming microphone within speaker unit for noise cancellation most likely, iPhones have Flood illumination, IR camera and dot projector as extras. That's not something you can just tuck somewhere. Making it smaller wouldn't solve anything because it would still be there and being there in a thicker form gives space for signal and battery indicators that are always there. It's why I think Apple is in no hurry to get rid of notch because of this until they can really place all of these under the display. Including speaker itself. Apple might be late to the speaker and camera (and other sensors) under display, but I'm guessing when they'll do it, it'll be done on such level everything else will look like a cheap joke. It's usually how Apple rolls. They rarely half bake things for the sake of exotic new features which is why they seem to stagnate in design. And it's why we haven't seen any swivel and popup cameras on any iPhones. It's quirky and all but something Apple doesn't want to go with. I wouldn't mind popup selfie camera because I never use it so it would just stay hidden, but a lot of people use them and it would probably be the most failing part and no one wants that.

the 13 better not have that ridiculous notch.

AnonD-804996, 27 Jan 2021Notch really isn't as annoying as everyone is making i... moreBut the most annoying part is that apple can easily make the notch smaller by moving the earpiece to the frame just like how Android phones do

Everything New in the Tech World arrives late on iOS.
Another reason why I won't be going back to iOS ever.