The iPhone 13 series will definitely support Wi-Fi 6E, says Barclays analyst

27 January 2021
Previously, the analyst said that Apple "may" add 6E support, but now things sound a lot more certain.

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My friend has an iPhone x and i like the phone. Face id is little trouble when having masks but without mask, it works better than android phones and it's reliable. Notch is not disturbance like everyone is saying and actually it's not ugly. I'm not an iPhone user but i say it has good phones. If an iPhone has bigger battery like 4500mah, in display fingerprint, and 48 megapixel camera at the back (12 megapixel cameras which are available in iPhone 12 series are good but need more quality), then i will buy an iPhone.

AnonD-804996, 27 Jan 2021Notch really isn't as annoying as everyone is making i... moreNotch have never been a problem except for droidboys who don't even use one :D it's as silly as talk about bezel size. Some people just are very obsessed with this stuff when in real life no-one couldn't care less.

  • AnonD-804996

oqu, 27 Jan 2021that's all fine and dandy but I want to discuss the el... moreNotch really isn't as annoying as everyone is making it to be (which are mostly non iPhone users whining over it) and FaceID isn't nearly as useless as everyone is saying. Sure it doesn't work some of the time, but you don't wear masks at home, do you? It still works great there. We'll get notchless display and FaceID with fingerprint reader combo, but us iPhone users are just fine with stuff we have. I mean I still run now 3 years old iPhone XR with full updating support, I see no issues. Neither with notch or FaceID.

  • oqu

that's all fine and dandy but I want to discuss the elephants in the room: that hideous notch from 4 years ago and the fact that face id has been useless in the past year due to face masks. there's my wishlist for the 2021 iphone

Just an incremental upgrade

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That will be really nice. Wi-fi 6e is considered by most specialists the next best thing. Huge improvements over the last generations.
Certainly better than 5G from this year iphones 12 series.
And with cloud gaming becoming more and more popular, that will only increase its value.