ZTE Axon 30 Pro might come with Samsung's 200MP sensor

29 January 2021
It's going to be the first phone with Samsung's upcoming sensor.

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  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 30 Jan 2021I'm not sure how this sensor could possibly be 1/1.37 ... moreIt's fake news. In the past there were several rumors about certain sensors where one could immediately say that it is fake news because the specs are mathematically not possible and indeed none of those rumoured sensors was ever released.

  • Redmagic 3

Don't buy it bcoz redmagic 3 is still on android 9 I have not received any update till date so don't buy it you also won't get any update thank you

YUKI93, 30 Jan 2021"...it will be the largest sensor ever used on a smart... moreDid you calculate the area of each sensor? This is larger than Nokia 808's sensor by 2%.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 30 Jan 2021"The sensor's size is said to be 1/1.37", wh... moreSony phones still have garbage image quality compared to this.

Nick Tegrataker, 30 Jan 2021I'm not sure how this sensor could possibly be 1/1.37 ... more"...it will be the largest sensor ever used on a smartphone camera except for the one used on Panasonic CM1."

Nokia 808 PureView's 1/1.2" sensor says hi to you.

Android-Authority, 30 Jan 2021ZTE will probably mess up in the camera software part. The... moreTough luck with that. Even 4-in-1 pixel binning already suffered some detail loss, so 16-in-1 pixel binning will suffer even more. But one area where I can the 16-in-1 pixel binning will shine is in lowlight or dark condition. With an expected 2.56µm effective pixel size, it should perform very well in such condition.

"The sensor's size is said to be 1/1.37", which is marginally smaller than the current 108MP sensors such as the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The pixel size is 0.64µm while the effective pixel size is 1.28µm when the 4-to-1 pixel binning is applied. Interestingly, the sensor is rumored to support two native pixel-binning modes - 4 in 1 and 16 in 1 effectively outputting 50MP and 12.5MP stills."

So despite the higher megapixel number, it's not that better than the Samsung-exclusive HM1 and HM3 sensor. Heck, the native pixel size alone is even smaller than either sensor. But having said that, if the 4-in-1 Quad Bayer pixel binning will produce 1.28µm pixel size, then I should expect to see 2.56µm for 16-in-1 (?) Bayer pixel binning.

  • Anonymous

After owning the axon7, I realized that you don't have to spend mega money to get a flagship phone. So when the Axon 10 pro came out I grabbed one. I'm loving it. It's built well, great amoled screen, fast as hell, 12gb ram, 256gb internal, micro sd card expansion. The only downside are the pictures taken in low light. Outdoor pics and room light pics are great, though. I'm looking forward to the new axon. The only thing I miss is the 3.5mm jack.

ZTE will probably mess up in the camera software part.
They better have good Algorithms for 16 to 1 pixel binning.

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021Samsung does not have 10x. 26-240mm, not 26-260mm. ... moreI am saying the advertised specs. It says 10x.

  • Waz

I had purchased ZTE axon 10 pro5G had very bad experience.
One-day mobile just went blank.
Under warranty they changed motherboard and within next few months LCD and battery problem which needs replacement were warranty is expired. Trust me mobile is never dropped or have any scratches on mobile whatsoever I have used with lot of care.

  • 16k is not pointless

Mobilemaster, 29 Jan 202116k is not pointless? Even 8k is overkill in my opinion. Ho... more16k is not pointless? Even 8k is overkill in my opinion. How big of a TV you need to be able to see the difference between 4k and 8K? Imagine the difference between 8k and 16k. In my opinion this is a gimmick already.

  • Anonymous

MagicMonkeyBoy, 29 Jan 2021Wow... Love what ZTE are doing... They are upping the flags... moreA14 is the thermal throttling champ this year.

I'm not sure how this sensor could possibly be 1/1.37 inch when its calculated sensor area is 10% larger than that of 1/1.28 inch IMX700, but if this becomes true it will be the largest sensor ever used on a smartphone camera except for the one used on Panasonic CM1.

If Samsung is going with 16-to-1 Bayer on this one, I'm not going to expect it to be able to output a 200MP image due to how pixels will be arranged. 50MP and 12.5MP output might end up being decent looking but ZTE isn't exactly known for good image quality so I won't hold my breath on it either.

Dometalican, 30 Jan 2021Plot twist: ...it's the selfie camera. LolNice one lol.

Plot twist:

...it's the selfie camera. Lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Jan 2021maximum optical zoom in a flagship with 108Mp it's 10... moreyeah with this situation mobile industry its ready to release phone with 20x optical zoom ability.

but in this situation, recently xiaomi claimed wanna release a phone with 10x optical zoom, after all🤒


before that, P40 Pro+ & Mate 40 Pro+ they have was such real ability

  • Wayne Morelllini

Mobilemaster, 29 Jan 202116k is not pointless? Even 8k is overkill in my opinion. Ho... moreDepends on how close you are. VR Wyse, we see over 3 times the resolution of a good seating position. So, 8k becomes 24k, but it's not wrap around, so 16k sounds fine. But then a lot of people (less so young people) don't see 8k, a good portion don't see 4k or even 2k. Some people might only see VGA. 4k is a happy inbetween (but it still looks pixelated to me in a good day). 8k is a good premium product extension. 16k? Is useful for something, or to make better 8k and 4k downscaled images, or lowering noise. So, 16k is not such an issue, but 200mp to make better 8k and 4k is. However, 200mp also makes 8x 2k digital zoom on top of your optical zoom, which is impressive. It means many phones can be made without optical zoom for 4k.

Still waiting for that 700mp+ Samsung sensor, which equals over 3x 8k zoom, maybe 4x, depending on its shape format (closer to 16:9).

  • Anonymous

Shady69, 29 Jan 20218k recording in phones is stupidly bad, its worse than 4k. ... more8k TV is available a lot cheaper than that for a while.

  • Wayne Morellini

Wasn't the Nubia Red Magic 6 due out by now?

Ok, 200mp, a reason to buy this. 16k but no chipset, maybe it's 16k 15fps? Chipsets might lack native 16k modes, but there can be ways to reconfigure things make one up. A resolution agnostic setup would process things as a stream of data, feed in whatever resolution you can and should adjust compression ratio to fit it's performance. But what chipsets allow that, and which have enough performance. The recent video review of the latest Samsung 21 series, noted how bad the 8k video was. Maybe a long shutter, maybe to little data? In the old chipsets 70mb/s might be just ok for 4k, but 280 for 8k, or 140mb/s h265, or 70mb/s for current h266, but it needs to be double thar. So, 16k will need something like 280mb/s h266. So, what chipset has devoted x% of its chip to such video encoding hardware? A comparison of the compression datarates of the top chips are needed.

16k itself is not much a reason to buy, but a 2x2 binned 8k pixel at 50fps 4:2:2/4:4:4, would be. So, any chipsets which can do binning to 8k or 8k 50fps?

Now, 200mp is useful for photos, or 16k, if it can output it unbinned in native resolution, rather than it being reconstructed from binned data, like the useless Samsung sensor scheme in my phone, where I can't even get the 48mp stills I need. Making Sony a better choice.