ZTE Axon 30 Pro might come with Samsung's 200MP sensor

29 January 2021
It's going to be the first phone with Samsung's upcoming sensor.

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  • Anonymous

"Now according to tipser WHYLAB, the handset will indeed feature Samsung's still unreleased 200MP sensor. The sensor's size is said to be 1/1.37", which is marginally smaller than the current 108MP sensors such as the one found in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The pixel size is 0.64µm while the effective pixel size is 1.28µm when the 4-to-1 pixel binning is applied."
That's fake news as such specs are mathematically impossible. A 200 megapixel sensor with 0.64 micrometer pixel size would be always larger than the 108 megapixel sensor of the S21 Ultra. The diagonal would be larger, too, no matter which aspect ratio.

So they need two 888 chipsets

Wow... Love what ZTE are doing... They are upping the flagship benchmark here actually. They are coming in from a welcome and different angle. And I think that is superb. I also love ZTE's, sub brand. Nubia. And there gaming brand. Red Magic. Which I personally own.


The first OEM to give us an under display camera... How awesome. It's not too bad either.

Also. I personally think Asian phones should only be exclusively available in the East of the world. As European and American consumers don't appreciate just how good Asian handsets are these days...

In my eyes. They are ahead of Apple and western made handsets.

I would easily go for the 888 instead of the A14. As it has a better GPU and uses lppdr5 ram... The A14 still uses lppdr4x ram...

16K may be on quad Bayer and 6fps, but it's still 16K.
Still, 50mp if used binning may be great even if for raw. As for image processing on phone, it will not be easy to get satisfying details of complex details.
Excited to see this 12mp killer.

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So Persicope lens are no longer necessary, since 20X crop facror will still net decent 10 MP images.

So this is the ZTE axon v from 2019 patents:


As for the side notch camera I think it's actually genius we can get much larger camera sensors put in smartphones

It will make for some weird shaped phones but the space constraint could be better managed I think the trade off is worth it