OnePlus 8 finally gets Android 11 update on Verizon and T-Mobile

30 January 2021
It comes more than three months after unlocked units have received it.

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I never buy carrier phones, this is one of the reasons...
You wait months for updates and sometimes it never comes...

  • An0n

Carrier IS the plague causing the slow update, NOT the OnePlus. Everything that sold behind carrier, no matter what phone is, updates are always slower. This should be known to everyone. Want faster update? Buy unlocked version and be done with it.

What's really difference btw Android 10 and 11 just higher number?

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2021Oneplus always settles... being in the shadow of Oppo.OPPO sell phones through Verizon and T-Mobile?

Took them longer than the OnePlus 7 series.

  • Anonymous

Oneplus always settles... being in the shadow of Oppo.

  • Anonymous

Oneplus, ever since the Oneplus 8, Nord N10 and Nord N100 launched, i have a big disappointment in their brand. When the Oneplus 7 series are more expensive than usual for an OnePlus device, i am fine, since they bring many new features into the table and the industry. But, the Oneplus 8, Nord N10 and N100 just doesn't live up to the Oneplus 8 Pro, 8T and the original Nord ,they are disappointing.