Xiaomi Mi A3 gets another "brick-free" Android 11 update

30 January 2021
This time around the missing Screen recorder is present and security patches are updated.

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wonder where did it go wrong? their A1 was fantastic piece of phone for its time, used it for years and i absolutely love it. then A2 comes as disappointment. and then A3... hope they'd get better android one line in the pipe.

    • J
    • Joe
    • gyW
    • 31 Jan 2021

    I'm sure we can cut them some slack that they updated the phones according to the Android One policies. Stock Android is more of a niche alternative for this company so they devote more time to polishing MIUI and not always bump the OS version for it.

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 0x5
      • 31 Jan 2021

      Definitely won't be getting a Xiaomi again. Not the first time I'm hearing this about Xiaomi phones and also experienced myself absolutely terrible software updates on Mi A2 Lite. Hardware for the price is great but apparently all the savings come at the cost of software.