Gaze at the Sony Xperia 1 III in this short video that shows the phone spinning 360°

03 February 2021
The exterior of the Xperia 1 II is quite different from other 2021 flagships - 3.5 mm jack, proper stereo speakers, microSD slot and shutter button.

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AverageIndianUser, 10 Feb 2021somebody please make them release a 5.5 inch xperia 10 III ... more@indian indeed it's great to have a variant of 5'' or 5.5''

somebody please make them release a 5.5 inch xperia 10 III with all xperia 5II specs and minor upgrades based on gsmarena reviews.... and sell it for

  • Archi

James, 07 Feb 2021And what's that ? Huge black bars because they're... moreYeah those potential black bars are so bad. Compare that with an absolutely fantastic Samsung Galaxy phone with rave reviews but Samsung sell 2 completely different phones historically up to 20% different performance and up to 7degress hotter depending on your country (aka EXTNOS cook the side of your face. Future cancer) Samsung Galaxy phones previously had a heart rate monitor now removed from phone but they can sell you a watch. Used to have earphone jack but they can sell you extra bluetooth headphones to fix that. Used to have a charger but they can sell you an extra for that. Used to have expandable memory but tough luck..Yeah lets pick on Sony for potential black bars that you may only ever notice in some situations. Lets Fanboy someone like Samsung. Theyre so great. Offering less and less each yeah while jacking up prices. At least Sony are endeavouring to improve their customer experience and not just scam their customers into buying accessories like Samsung and Apple.

anyone, 07 Feb 2021i can't understand why sony insists on these 21:9 scre... morei cannot see it "different" to 20:9 and 18:9 and those in between... that is if you think it "s*cks"...
for some of those who buy it (which is too few), it is the only ratio, 21:9, that caters to standard contents, next to 16:9, likewise, from their unveiling, it is supposed to make one handed operation possible (6.5 at 21:9) especially with todays ui improvement (swipes) which is not widespread or even not possible before, thus making the height not so deal breaker... it only becomes one, when we are talking about small pockets... but if that is the case, most flagship phones are large anyway and quite harder for one hand operation due to width and curved displays...
well, at least, that is how i see it and convinced me to get the 1ii... it is even slimmer than my z5 premium... and yes slimmer than my z3 which is easy on the hand...
if you dont like it, there are a lot of options out there... let xperia stand where some people prefer, since not all people are "most people" ;)

James, 07 Feb 2021And what's that ? Huge black bars because they're... more21:9 is industry standard. In what areas this phone is competitive? In almost every area.
Notchless 21:9 screen is great to watch movies and other content from Netflix for me. Indeed not everything is shot in 21:9 but still there is already plenty of such content.

  • James

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2021It looks good, besides the periscope it is exactly the same... moreIf it's anything like the fingerprint sensor on the new phone I'm not surprised it doesn't work as well..the old sensors had a matte coating on whereas the new one looks like it has a shiny coating on it therefore it will pick up fingerprint smudges just like glossy back phones do. The sensor in my Z5 wasn't that clever anyway so if the new ones worse than that then it's definitely garbage

  • James

BliTTzZ, 06 Feb 2021How about 200$? You people are funny. Sony is very compet... moreAnd what's that ? Huge black bars because they're the only ones to do such a silly ratio. I've got a 20:9 ratio screen and wish it was a bit wider. It makes the phone seem smaller than what it actually is.

  • James

andrehe, 07 Feb 2021A 2160p 21:9 display seems not to be possible at the moment... moreDepends what you use the chip for. Remember the 870 is built on the 7nm process where the 888 is 5nm so it should be more efficient than the 870. Id rather wait than use the 870 as its basically an overclocked 865 which is over a year old now. The 888 is the first of a new generation of chips so maybe it just needs some optimisation whereas the 870 is the last of its generation's basically what the SD 801 was to the SD800

  • James

The sides of the phone look like the old Xperia z5 from 2015 and the camera looks like one from a year or two ago. And the micro SD inclusion is probably only there because Sony just haven't caught up with everyone else..was the same with the bezels ..took them years to trim those down. Used to like Sony phones but audio never seems to be loud enough and software was buggy and they never used to give us enough ram . Sony could be so much better but it seems like they're making similar mistakes to what HTC did.

  • anyone

i can't understand why sony insists on these 21:9 screens. they are annoing as f**k. if you actually spend that much time looking at your phone screen (sony claims this is for cinematic resons) then you have serious problems. i would gladly go for one of these if not for that stupid screen ratio

Kangal, 05 Feb 2021If I were to TRY to watch a 4K video (>95% are 16:9) on ... moreA 2160p 21:9 display seems not to be possible at the moment. Why not do a 16:9 ratio? Very few sources use 21:9, and they can be viewed with higher quality on a big TV. For reading e-books, a more quadratic format is an advantage, or lines are too short.

And they could add another model with 1080p/120 Hz, not dropping many features. Maybe dropping the periscope (zoom) camera which is not what every photographer likes, but keeping the 3D ToF which can be used to create 3-D models easily, an interesting application to play with. And they could use the Snapdragon 870 which uses less power than the 888 and still is powerful enough for most people who do not game 100% of the time. Sony Xperia 3 iii it could be called. It could have phablet size, as large as possible, like the biggest A-series of Samsung. People who prefer small size can take the 5 iii, or they just do a small size variant of all four configurations and let the customer choose it, independent of other features, leading to eight models which still is a low amount compared to other manufacturers.

senz, 06 Feb 2021Sony need to price this at $700 and get back into the marke... moreHow about 200$? You people are funny.
Sony is very competitive with their latest flagships, especially considering what they offer.

Semir BiH, 04 Feb 2021Just get the price down to to better compete dont chase Sam... moreSony need to price this at $700 and get back into the market. They need to sell this at break even or even a loss, as they have 0% market share. But it's too hard to ask them to drop their prices as they are very greedy and non competitive.

  • Gsss

The thing I hate about Xperia phones is that they are expensive as hell and the price never goes down. Even used xperias sell for high price.

  • 1

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2021It looks good, besides the periscope it is exactly the same... moreAfter updating to android 11 FP on xperia 1 works much better.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 05 Feb 2021If I were to TRY to watch a 4K video (>95% are 16:9) on ... morePentile matrix screen resolutions cannot be put in the same context as w/rgb array panels. It just simply is not the same thing.

  • Yannis

Syuser, 04 Feb 2021@Yannis: I also prefer the fingerprint over any other prote... moreI'm reading Redmi Note 9T review and... what a surprise!
Xiaomi decide to put its fp sensor... on the SIDE!
SO... Yes, you are right!

Sony knows Best!

  • AnAnon

AnonD-961600, 04 Feb 2021Agree +1 But i can't thumps you up, since you�... moreKind of wish Sharp brought more of their stuff overseas for that reason...I've seen one of their panels quite a while ago and you can immediately tell it's on a whole different level. Shame, indeed, people don't care about that anymore.

There was a new Sharp with 120hz panel reported in the GSMArena news, but they never covered it after release (not even sure if it released), would have been cool to check out the display.

Man i personally really wants the new Sony products but my monthly income just says "nope" everytime. Stuck with Xperia XZs never disappointed by its performance until now.

  • Mack

Thank you Sony for giving front firing stereo speakers and a headphone jack. Hopefully you will also provide a charger. I really don't care much about camera or small bezels. I mainly watch videos and listen to music in my phone and therefore having an LED screen, headphone jack and front firing stereo speakers check all of the boxes in my list. (as long as speakers are not tiny like old XPERIA Z phones.)