Xiaomi Mi 11 makes its global debut

08 February 2021
It will start at €749, but exact availability date wasn't revealed.

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Raky, 08 Feb 2021"The most notable changes are the absence of a 12GB/25... moreThis is a mistake in the article. In launch event it was clearly stated that global version will have a charger in the box

Xiaomi killed it with the pricing AGAIN😱😱

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Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021Fast charger? Maybe....now if you really need your battery... moreWell, in the global/EU charger will be bundled, so what are you telling? :D
S21 sounds really well, but I've own mi 11 and have tryed S21 (basic) so personally Mi 11 has more rich sound. The top speaker is separate and not earpiece like on Samsung's. Anyway, S21 is good at the speakers (at this level you don't care that much).
The curved screen on Mi 11 is really good - the curves are suble and like S21 Ultra. Not that annoying like Mi 10 series or Huawei P40 Pro - that is too much. Also top and bottom curves with the case on are not visible. So this solution is very appreciated.
Battery life on Mi 11 is good, but not excellent. Mi 10 lasts few hours longer. I believe similar experience to S21 (not S21 Ultra - this would last longer).

Please read the article carefully. There is NO CHARGER IN THE BOX. Chinese customers get a free charger if they wish so while global customers get a free middle finger. weeeeeeyyy

  • Raky

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021Are you soooo..... 🤣 This phone has a lot over s21, char... more"The most notable changes are the absence of a 12GB/256GB memory variant and the 55W GaN charger in the box. "

Try to understand things that you have read.

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el andalousi, 08 Feb 2021stereo speaker Harmon cardon, Gan charger in the box, case,... moreFast charger?
Maybe....now if you really need your battery filled in 30 minutes,than this is something that you should count on.
On other side, faster charging destroyes battery faster...

And it's not in the box, so you will need to buy it just like as you need with s21.

S21 also have stereo speakers (buy the way,try to guess who owns Harman Kardon).
Screen on xiaomi is curved, so no matter resolution it have, it is worse than any flat screen (guess who is producing screes for Xiaomi).
Battery life better on Mi11?
Shouldn't we wait for official testing from this site to compare it, not what some users of one or another devices are telling you...

Lower price, snapdragon 888, fast charging.
For that price I like it even more than Samsung S21 Ultra.
I just wonder what OnePlus 9 can show compared to Xiaomi...

Banner, 08 Feb 2021Let's hope they've addressed the over heating and... moreYou do realize it's the same phone except with global MIUI rom.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021Two phones with same cpu. One reaches 10, 12 or even 15 c... moreTheres nothing wrong. Lookup what thermal throttling is and how various companies implement it. Looks like you didnt even bother going to anandtech and reading the detailed review.

If they want to show the biggest antutu, yes they will.
Yeah, probably why samsung doesnt allow higher temps.
That might take years, and by then the customer moves on to another phone. Never heard of that happening, but then again never heard of a phone going 50c before either.

Yeah the s21 ultra 888 throttles even more than the note 20 ultra, so it gets to lower power usage and therefore, temps.

There, read up.

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Raky, 08 Feb 2021Anybody see a reason to buy this over s21??? Faster chargi... moreAre you soooo..... 🤣

This phone has a lot over s21, charger being included, 65w.

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Overpriced and not appealing like the S21 series and also the. Apple ones. Hopefully Xiaomi still have some interesting and good priced phones. But not this one.

  • Raky

Anybody see a reason to buy this over s21???
Faster charging is plus, but you need to buy charger...
But on the negative side, there is MIUI, curved screen, and bad customer support...
All the other things are the same.

Let's hope they've addressed the over heating and battery drain issues from the China variant..

If it only had a headphone jack...

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ericwang, 08 Feb 2021Xiaomi list most benchmark software(antutu,geekbench,gfx an... moreThis first batch excuse is lame excuse.

Qualcomm would have to change whole project if it was hardware issue like 810.
The SD888 made in december/2020 is equal to the chips to be made in march/2021 and june /2021.
No matter litography used and who is manufacturer, phones with SD8xx (and rival chips) need to use heat pipes, graphite sheet or vapor chamber. Not only the "gaming phones".

Phones with SD810 had heat pipes, still could not help much. It was Qualcomm's fault.
Even old S7 edge has heat pipes. Phone with 820.

Benchmark is so useless.
You can buy two units of same phone. Install same apps.
Control temperature of the room.
Run benchmarks.
They will show different scores.
One unit can easily scores 200-300 single core/multi core more.

The only way to cap the performance by software is turning on power saving modes or downclock cpu. And is pretty simple to find out if cpu was downclocked. Any app like cpu z shows it.

Shui8, 08 Feb 2021Native telephoto camera? Its not. S21 using 64mp 1.1x zoom,... moreIt is not same. Mi 11 has a 108mp quad bayer sensor whereas S21 has 64mp with full bayer arrangement. This allows S21 to crop the sensor data directly rather than digitally zooming in. That's not to say it is better than having an actual module with longer focal length. But you are still getting both low resolution large pixel and high resolution small pixel modules in the same device.

YUKI93, 08 Feb 2021Blows both S21 and S21+? The only advantage I see with the ... morestereo speaker Harmon cardon, Gan charger in the box, case, screen, primary camera, wireless charging, haptik feedback, battery life...

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021You are living under a rock? In Spain is number 1, Italy se... moreYou have a point, in UK USA it's not all that fame. And those plain Android vannila is empty with no features.

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2021Two phones with same cpu. One reaches 10, 12 or even 15 c... moreXiaomi list most benchmark software(antutu,geekbench,gfx and etc) in a whitelist.So when you running benchmark,it is run at the max power instead of limit max power and frequency as Samsung.
I am using Mi11 CN version now,is it hot?Yes,but only when play heavy load game like Genshin Impact.Meanwhile the recent update of both Genshin Impact and MIUI make the phone cooler than first released.
In daily use,my phone is OK,but I do see some other Mi11 users complain about suffering from slightly heat problem(alway 35°C to 40°C) in daily use.IMO,samsung made chip always have such a problem when first released.I remembee Sd835 have same problem too,some of them are 10% less power efficence than other.

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Mediatek sux, 08 Feb 2021Its not "lack of hardware heat control". Go over ... moreTwo phones with same cpu.
One reaches 10, 12 or even 15 celsius more than the other.
Something is wrong.

No company is stupid to let temperature increase that much for better performance.
Excessive heat can damage components.
Also, all that heat soon is gonna weaken the glue and rear panel is gonna separate from the body.

By the way, s21 ultra SD888 runs cooler than note 20 ultra.