Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Enterprise Edition appears on company website

11 February 2021
The device is listed on the Support page of the Samsung Ireland website.

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  • handyfan

Samsung's high end tablets are among the best. I had the 12.9" 2008 iPad before but sold it and got myself the Galaxy Tab 7 plus with a 12.4" amoled screen. I have received several updates already for this tablet and can't complain about the performance. It also has a 120 Herz display but I don't need that as already with 60 Herz this tablet is very fast and smooth.
If you are looking for a superb tablet and are not too deep into the Apple eco system, you should try this. I can guarantee that you will not regret. Besides it is always good not to make oneself too dependant on one brand.

  • Asn

Jasper5774, 11 Feb 2021Samsung tablets are good. All they need is price correction... moreI agree with the update commitment hard to justify dropping that much money on something that will be guaranteed obsolete by lack of software support after a couple of years.

  • Please refresh or tr

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  • I am god

AnonD-973296, 11 Feb 2021what tab S8 needs: SD888 >12gb RAM 2 USB-C ports E... moreAll of that are useless if dev don’t jump on android tablet apps
And they wont

Samsung tablets are good. All they need is price correction and software update commitment. Against apple they lack in these two parameters. Also samsung uses really laggy chips in its budget tablets. Seriously! Exynos 9611 against a12 bionic.

  • AnonD-973296

what tab S8 needs:

>12gb RAM
2 USB-C ports
Expandable storage
1tb storage option (all options UFS 3.1)
120hz AMOLED (screen resolution can stay the same)
change the stylus charger to the side of the tablet, the one on the back looks a bit stupid
single camera (both front and back)
>30W charging speeds
front firing speakers

  • tablet nerd

cant wait for 8e

  • Anonymous