Huawei might be working on a game console, but will launch a gaming laptop first

11 February 2021
Honor unveiled its first gaming laptop, the Hunter V700, last year, but that brand is no longer a part of Huawei.

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  • yee

back horror turbo plus hahah

Ouya 2.0 most likely.

No thanks. Will stick to PS5!

  • Anonymous

lol compete with sony microsoft and nintendo? good luck.. maybe china only console....

We already have Android game consoles, the failed Ouya and the NVIDIA Tegra Shield TV, which, for some odd reason, its preferred use case is as a media streaming device. Could it be because Android games are nothing more than bad quality agressive free-2-pay games? If Huawei is seriously considering Android games as their launch library, they have no idea how consoles work. Good luck with that, meanwhile the Switch is already selling in China, with actual games. A weaker device with an infinitely better library where a single game largely surpasses the vast majority of Android games.

looks like diablo to me, i had to say it. sorry

A wise step, Huawei knows that it is losing in the smartphone market and looks for other resources.

  • Anonymous

Malware come with it?

Alex, 11 Feb 2021Come on Huawei! Give us a new console, more modern that nvi... moreSo basically a flagship phone with sd slot and extra usb port, with a usb c controller. Rog phones come close, the tencent editions arent too expensive either.

Something like a gpd win 3 or aya neo would be much better though.

Don't buy Huawei stuff guys it might spy on your Kill death ratio on COD 🥴🥴😌

The lapto gaming I see it more successful, but consoles? hahaha that market is already monopolized, I already see myself the most Chinese amrcas taking out consoles every 2 weeks as they do with cell phones hahaha

Alex, 11 Feb 2021Come on Huawei! Give us a new console, more modern that nvi... moreyou want fries with that? and a diet coke for sure

  • Alex

Come on Huawei! Give us a new console, more modern that nvidia shield, but with the same functionality if possible. Also powerful enough (not just small ARM A55 cores) to run high end android games and if possible with preinstalled ps2 (DamonPS2 pro - no problem, chinese developer) and dolphin, citra emulator etc. Give netflix 4k certification. Also give preinstalled compatibility with ps3, ps4, ps5, xbox controllers. Bundle it with Voice assistant remote control. Provide many usb ports, microsd/nm card, enough hard disk for games (replaceable, even hdd), modern bluetooth, wifi6, irda. Also make it available worldwide at a reasonable price. I believe this is the recipe for success.

Sony Beware...! dont let happen cisco with you..! the chinese are coming

Another 'console' that will either never happen or will only run Android games.