Samsung SM-G990B color and storage options leak, could be the Galaxy S21 FE

12 February 2021
It will also support 5G networks.

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  • GreekGeek

Samsung really has to stop releasing so many models and focus on support.

  • yeah

the only interesting thing from Samsung this year and the previous one as well is if they would launch a new Galaxy Note with an UDC. That will get my attention. Apart from that ...folding phones=artificial hype for fools made by paid reviewers. What else? downgrades? plastic cases, missing chargers, headphones = uninteresting. For marginal improvement on CPU, Camera, and sometimes high refresh displays ...I am quite ok with an Note 10 or S10.

Pakistan1, 12 Feb 2021Then screen should also be plastic?We were talking about back of the phone, not the screen.

  • Anonymous

eranious, 12 Feb 2021We demand a new galaxy miniamin to that

  • Anonymous

I hope to dear god its a galaxy mini. I need to get rid of my iphone 12 mini. ios ain't it chief I need my andriod back

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

The.Chosen-One, 12 Feb 2021Why is everyone upset about the plastic back in the S21?? G... morethat is such a naive comment. the feel between plastic and glass for the S21 and S21+ is the same not because of the materials but because of the texture: they are both matte, it has nothing to do with the material
glass isn't as breakable as one might think. I once dropped my Galaxy Note 5 in solid concrete before and the glass itself didn't even have any cracks. Glass today is very druable, just look at the GG Victus
this is why we're getting less, pathetic plastic that wears off much easier than metal or glass doesn't scream $799

  • eranious

We demand a new galaxy mini

  • Alex

Since Samsung already cut all flagship features out of S21, the only thing left to cut out in S21 FE is QA process.

sadh, 12 Feb 2021I think the FE will target a wider audience with bigger scr... moreSitting in the S10e boat, if they would release a MINI series of flagship with somewhat smaller resolution (but AMOLED) display, less cameras (but same main camera) and somewhat slower CPU I would preorder it ASAP.
Samsung or anybody else..

SD 870, 6.7", Samsung branding, fine, this will be epic.

Probably, this phone will have Snapdragon 870 instead of 888. I won't be shocked if Samsung goes in that direction. I like the FE series so far.

Atleast hybrid card slot , good night shot and snapdragon 865 ,these 3 must have ! If not dont buy !

  • Anonymous

MrDong, 12 Feb 2021I hope the alleged S21 FE does not have the same issues lik... moreYou get a great trade-in price for the FE with Apple. Just traded mine in for a 12 Pro Max, zero regrets.

  • Anonymous

Kenny, 12 Feb 2021If it has no 3.5 mm headphone jack, don't call it an F... moreGive it over man, headphone jack is gone unless you buy either low-end rubbish, or a Sony.

  • Pakistan1

Android-Authority, 12 Feb 2021And glass shatters with drops. Atleast replacing that plas... moreThen screen should also be plastic?

Can we have a Note FE Please

I think the FE will target a wider audience with bigger screen than S21 (but i also think maybe Samsung will go Apple way by releasing the mini? I mean, we all know Samsung is in love with Apple)

They can make the price down by using cheaper screen, less powerful chipset but features jack 3.5, microsd, and many more...

  • Kenny

If it has no 3.5 mm headphone jack, don't call it an FE (FAN EDITION). Don't even laungh it.

  • Neph

anotherphone, 12 Feb 2021I don't know what other cuts they can make to put the ... moreS20 IS already inferior to the S20 FE in many aspects. The most noticeable for me is the true, optical zoom, which in S20 FE is simply WAY better than fake 64 MPx zoom on S20.

So I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to put SD slot back to S21 FE.

  • Anonymous

would it be too much to ask to make it just a tad smaller?