New BlackBerry phones with classic hardware keyboards and 5G are coming this year

12 February 2021
OnwardMobility is working with Foxconn to develop and build the phones. The primary focus will be on security.

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  • AnonD-961600

Yea coming with S855 or S760 chipset, lmao, with outdated 2 years old hardware. That's BB for you. They don't believe in specs or features, no wonder Heinze killed BB.

Is this a come back,or rebrand without changing the name,hope blackberry get back up there with the rest 👍

Hell yea 🤩

  • Anonymous

Hope it will come with Blackberry OS.
It was faster than Apple and Android at that time.

Dead on arrival...

Exciting! Looking to see how they'll combine the need for modern large screens with the space a physical keyboard will take across their new range of devices.
The only drawback for me is it's all going to be android OS. I miss BB OS

  • Anonymous

One rare user who still has one Blackberry as my office phone (PRIV). Solid devices but hopefully they give better support this time (PRIV was launched with 5 when 6 was the norm and also then they upgraded to only one version for a flagship).

Blackberry is back with a bang. Good news.