New BlackBerry phones with classic hardware keyboards and 5G are coming this year

12 February 2021
OnwardMobility is working with Foxconn to develop and build the phones. The primary focus will be on security.

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  • Blackberry lifer

I am waiting patiently for the new phone. please give us updates ASAP

  • Blackberry diehard

Can't wait to give my opinion about the new device design and will surely test it and report it all. This is a new shot for BB and hopefully this time it is done right!!!

  • Albin

I am waiting for your new mobile launch with your own OS


After using passport waiting to buy right mobile from blackberry.
i am waiting for long back.

Where are the new BlackBerries and which one will it be? 🤔

  • Horse

sglugove, 08 Apr 2021Yessss, I've been waiting this!!! Physical keyboards ... moreThe people who worked at Lava Z1 Travel laughed at your resume. Cum Laude is available in Bitlife.

  • sglugove

Yessss, I've been waiting this!!!
Physical keyboards are the best when it comes to productivity, I can write without looking at the keyboard... Besides, you don't waste time with typos due to wrong press on the screen

  • Fred

BlackberryForever, 07 Mar 2021My old blackberry Bold9000 is still going strong! With a tr... moreYou live in 2010?

  • Anonymous

Passport look with a twist of key 2

Ipx rating

Much better camera that can compete to other flagship phone like note 20 ultra and iphone 12 pro max

With micro sd card up to 1TB

Internal memory not less than 256GB

Not less than 12GB of ram

Huge Battery life

Flagship chipset snapdragon 888 or higher

5g connection

Android 11 or 12 from the box

OS update..

Wireless charging
Fast charging not lower than 25w

  • Blackberryforever

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2021hahahaha I hope this is a jokeNope, no jokes. Had a few repairs and a new battery. Unfort, 3G means no more internet. GPS still works tho.

Hopefully it will be a BlackBerry Classic look alike with 2021 specs....and of course keep the BlackBerry hub :-)

  • Anonymous

BlackberryForever, 07 Mar 2021My old blackberry Bold9000 is still going strong! With a tr... morehahahaha I hope this is a joke

  • vamsidhar jammalamak

My BlackBerry Z30, still feels you the best arm rest in my hands.with princess structure and King features.. always love you BB

My old blackberry Bold9000 is still going strong! With a trackball! Much as I love it, I need a new blackberry that can get me through the 2020's. Blackberry, please hurry up! I can't hold on much longer!

  • Eye

Blackberry is my favorite, since my childhood and I'm eagerly waiting for it's comeback. I cried many times, for the downfall of BB Empire. But I'm sure it will make it's return to the market. I'm counting on you BB :]

  • Hanks

Jane, 28 Feb 2021I still have my Passport, too. LOVE it!!Best phone ever 👍

  • Jane

Jose , 26 Feb 2021I still have my Blackberry Passport and wouldn't chang... moreI still have my Passport, too. LOVE it!!

  • AG

I would like to have it with an updated BBOS, Google play and a slider

  • Guy

I grew up with a touchscreen keyboard phones, but I found that phones with physical keyboards are really interesting and would like to try one. But, all of the old physical keyboard phones are quite old, and isn't as relevant in 2021. I hope this year they will put a flagship or even a midrange chipset on their phone

  • Thembinkosi

I'm glad to hear that black berry my favorite smart phone is back' thanks