New BlackBerry phones with classic hardware keyboards and 5G are coming this year

12 February 2021
OnwardMobility is working with Foxconn to develop and build the phones. The primary focus will be on security.

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  • Jose

Serhio, 20 Feb 20211000%I still have my Blackberry Passport and wouldn't change it for another phone. The only issue was not having WhatsApp, but I downloaded an application from a tutorial in Youtube .

  • me

wongwatt, 14 Feb 2021I don't get the appeal. Physical buttons always requi... moreAs someone who learned on qwerty keyboard i find touchscreen the most infuriating things ever.

  • Sofia

My entire family used Blackberry cell phones in the past and we are just not able to like any other phones on the market as much as we did love our old Blackberry cell phones. Waiting for the new phones to get on the market.

  • Serhio

SWOT, 17 Feb 2021please come back with a new passport. A worldwide fan commu... more1000%

  • AS

there must be a passport design bro so damn beautiful

  • SWOT

please come back with a new passport. A worldwide fan community is waiting for an update of this icony phone.

  • M I Rahman

Eagerly waiting sexiest phone ever... black berry

  • Rado

Key 2 is my favorite, I will continue with Key 3 if possible, waiting . . .

  • Kevvil

Eagerly waiting, After using Key 2, want a blackberry Beast

  • Geo

Bring back a passport sized phone. Wide screen and large keyboard were more useful then the key 2

  • connie

PLEASE keep the sliding hard keyboard. I can only type on a real keyboard and I LOVE that it slides to make the phone smaller for my pants pocket.

  • Anonymous

Bring back an updated version of the Priv. Loved the slide out keyboard feature. If the battery life was better I would still be using it but switched to the Motion which I still use.

  • snoopyfischer

i live in austria and i am still using a passport. from my company i got a bbkey2, but the keyboard is much weeker than the onoe of the passport!
built a passport with the or bb11 softwaresystem! android... just forget it!!!
we need to phone, to write, a good messnger service, a good internet browser thats all! a camera would be nice, okay but please forget all other things! they are not necesarry for a good divece!

Blackberry needs to find a niche though. Security alone won’t cut it anymore.

Funny how I still have my blackberry passport silver edition. Fantastic device.

  • Mide

I loved blackberry but blackberry should rest and take it’s time to find a niche. Security alone won’t sell devices anymore. IOS is secure enough. Android is also taking security issues seriously.

  • Money

I loved blackberry os

  • Anonymous

Mabu45, 15 Feb 2021I missed my Blackberry Passport...Yeah, it's definitely the most missing one... BB OS was already not competitive in comparison of the others but the device was so fantastic...

Love to see a revised Passport I loved that thing, mind a revise of 9900 or classic would be much welcome, I would leave any smartphone for a full qwerty keypad.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know who is going to carry the new Blackberry in Canada? Bell or Rogers or ??

  • SS

Karthik kanderi, 14 Feb 2021I'm typing it from key 2 please come back hero I'... moreSame here, typing from Keyone. Wanted to upgrade, BlackBerry this is the right time ...