Samsung Galaxy A72 4G renders and full specs leak, 8MP telephoto unit in tow

13 February 2021
It looks similar to its 5G counterpart.

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  • Las

AnonD-871157, 18 Feb 2021IP67 or 68 rating has only been to the Flagship, not to any... morenot true, i had Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), it was IP68.
very good device

  • AnonD-871157

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021A series had IP68 in 2017/18. Also glass build. This ... moreIP67 or 68 rating has only been to the Flagship, not to any Midrange Samsung galaxy phone in history. So, it's impressively commendable now a days.

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2021LOL stereo would be a miracle if they put a n... moreWell they should.. google pixel 4a 5g has them but it's not available everywhere.
Hopefully Pixel 5a (if it comes) will be available everywhere so Samsung can have some competition.
And if someone comes for me saying there are xiaomi and the rest, they offer specs but can't compete with the updates.

  • neo geo

some rumours had it that the main camera might have OIS , otherwise at these prices ill get a s20FE...

Never buy Samsung high-end A series, better buy S series. The quarterly security update never comes on time always 2 to 3 months delay even budget series get the update first. Price does not justify.

  • Cool king

As long as the has enough RAM and STORAGE
So I can play games I'm fine ;-)

  • Anonymous

ssss, 15 Feb 2021snap732g with 449 euro? too expensive...Too much expensive

  • Suresh

When releasing this mobile.

  • Anonymous

Sarwar, 15 Feb 2021When release this mobileExpect this phone to release in early to mid 2021

ssss, 15 Feb 2021snap732g with 449 euro? too expensive...If you are only buying the SoC yes then it's pretty expensive. However you aren't, you need to factor in all of the other stuff you are getting with the phone.

  • Sarwar

When release this mobile

  • ssss

snap732g with 449 euro? too expensive...

  • M

Wow! A S20FE, with a mid-range SoC, at €449? Samsung is finally starting to make sense. I’d wait for the Redmi K40 series tho. They’ll be similarly priced.

Wow!! This is great news people, Sammy is finally stepping up their game, now this is what am talking about. If anybody talks cr** about this device should check a Psychiatric ASAP....

  • Anonymous

S-India, 14 Feb 2021If Samsung offers this with an aggressive price, this will ... moreThat’s not in Samsung’s nature, the specific reason you find Samsung producing so many phone including many other android makers is simply to profiteer as much as possible on each device that is sold.


  • S-India

If Samsung offers this with an aggressive price, this will be a Nod killer...

  • Matheb

AhmedSLL, 14 Feb 2021Exactly, why the exynos 1080 exist if it's not going t... moreExactly what I was gonna say! From SD 730 to 720G. This could have been such a great phone with a 765G for example. The 400€ OnePlus Nord has it while already having been out for almost 7 months e.g. But Samsung even ups the price while doing that! I'm very disappointed in Sam I lly liked them once but those prices become more and more uncalled-for while innovation being kept to a minimum.

  • Anonymous

All over ok!


Awesome specs, it's good Samsung added 90hz and IP67. My only complaint is the price.

  • Anonymous

I don’t know what is Samsung thinking with this prices. Especially when their older models decrease rapidly in price.
You can get better Samsung phones (like flagship level) from 1-2 years ago around that price (450-550eur). Still better all around than any new mid-ranger.
Maybe they are thinking people will fall for that 3 year update period. But, I would rather use a nice good flagship level phone for 2 years, rather than a boring average mid-range one for 3 years.