Samsung creates RAM with integrated AI processing hardware

17 February 2021
Using its HBM2 RAM chips as a basis, Samsung added simple processing units that can speed up machine learning and inference workloads.

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I hope it's a RISC-V ISA in there.

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    • AnonD-731363
    • Lfw
    • 19 Feb 2021

    Soon we end as a Terminatior movie or a I Robot movie where machines will replace us everywhere.

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      • Jose
      • DkP
      • 18 Feb 2021

      Did'nt Mitsubishi 3d ram on Evans and Sutherland image generators have the same functions?...

        Ooooooh interesting! Hopefully, AMD can use this on either their mystery high-end GPU, or their APUs

          PaintNinja, 18 Feb 2021It looks like an ideal candidate for implementing a simple ... moreI really should read the full article before commenting

            It looks like an ideal candidate for implementing a simple memory compression algorithm in a transparent manner on a per-chip basis.

            Something like a basic RLE representation of the data on the chip and using the chip's on-board processing units to encode and decode it on write and reads respectively. I'm no expert but this in theory would further increase bandwidth and effective memory capacity with minimal impact to latency as it's done directly on-chip.

              That's some smart whams

                so expect for ddr storages!

                  Finally some innovation

                    Didn't we see this with Exynos 1080 on Vivo X60 series??

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                      • 17 Feb 2021

                      The bandwidth is given for DDR4 and LPDRR4 are so incarcerate in term of comparison.

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                        • 17 Feb 2021

                        cool, a single chip for everything