Samsung brings One UI 3.1 for older Galaxy flagships and midranges

18 February 2021
Update availability will vary depending on your region and carrier.

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  • 20 Feb 2021

Cheffy11, 19 Feb 2021They are updating the S10 series which is OLD. It came out ... moreI don't think l've ever seen someone so detached from reality.
Can you elaborate on the groundbraking advances that happen within 6 months of getting a new phone?
For majority of users, flagship phones will last for good 3 years, with possibility of feeling a bit dated in third year.

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    • 20 Feb 2021

    Great for them! My 2,5 year old galaxy S9 Plus is not included. I mean I’m not surprised but... around 2 years and no more updates for a flagship phone... come on

      kanaaka, 20 Feb 2021As a techie person i can confirm this lol. My girlfriend ph... moreShe's just like me, if nothing is wrong and running smoothly, no point, ain't broken don't fix it.

      I'm a techie also, but don't bothers me about updates,..

      I've rooted my S21ULTRA, Sony 5ii, I've overclocked CPU GPU, and changed the kernels. I don't give a rat's or damn about security updates, because I pay £20 for premium security and VPN, DNS servers which you pay for what you get unlike cheap basic updates from OEMS.
      I HAve 4 options on CPU, where's, it has maximum, economic, standard, performance, extreme CPU governors where if the phone lags or you need V12 twin turbo power, I just put it on extreme mode, where's all 8 cores run at 3.0ghz, at 80% idol star, though I see 40% battery drain.

        SEUL8TR, 19 Feb 2021Majority typical users 85% don't care about updates, e... moreAs a techie person i can confirm this lol. My girlfriend phone was never been updated (even she know that there is a software update notifications) she dont bother to update that. I explain that the update is android 10 and have newer features, but she said she have no problem with current soffware so.. 😂😂 even the apps on her playstore is rarely been updated. When i take over the phone from her, i'm updating all her 100+ apps from playstore

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          • 20 Feb 2021

          A50 still rocks. She gets all the updates.
          Thanks you The Samsung Team 😁🥰😘

            Evidently no samsung A12 update for Android 11

              Yes, they just got listed nothing else. You can ask any users of those devices. No one is happy with updates. As A71 was sat on October (India) security since then no security patch and no A11. Even quarterly security did not come on time. I recommend if anyone wants the ultimate Samsung users experience buy the S series or any flagships. Midrange and budget series are not worthy to spend if you concern about updates.

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                • 20 Feb 2021

                Damn, lost my s20 Ultra few days ago. Reverted back to my older Note 9. Oh well going to wait for the p50 pro plus.

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                  • 20 Feb 2021

                  What about a30 phone

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                    • 20 Feb 2021

                    What about samsung galaxy m31s?

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                      • 20 Feb 2021

                      Jb, 19 Feb 2021I am having an issue with the auto brightness keeps going ... moreSwitch off auto lighting

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                        • 20 Feb 2021

                        royo1e, 19 Feb 2021Samsung only gives priority to flagships and Exynos process... moreWhat about A70, A71, A80 and A90, it's use snapdragon proc and include in the list

                          BashfulLine421, 19 Feb 2021Im pretty sure the s9 series got cut off at andriod 10Yeah, I think your right. 10 was the last for S9. When I saw Older Galaxy Flagship Phones I got excited for my S9. Less than 3 yrs old and it's older than the Older Galaxy Flagship Phones. She still runs great.

                            Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021I am using Samsung galaxy m11 and tab 8 2019, what will ha... moreUpdates will cause the phone too slow down, drain battery. Every companies has been caught degrading the performance off it.

                            Why do you need to update?
                            85% off the users never update their phone, they still can browse text call , do whatever without any flwas.
                            What you ain't happy with your phone?
                            Is your phone your life?
                            Are you doing business or tranact6wirth off £2000 everyday?
                            Well you need too buy premium antivirus app for £20 a year, or you're reluctant on companies to provide you with their free cheap updates...

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                              • 20 Feb 2021

                              I am using Samsung galaxy m11 and tab 8 2019, what will happen to both my device if there is no more up dates...

                                BashfulLine421, 19 Feb 2021That list is inaccurate. Even some of the older A series ph... moreThere's a difference one UI 3.0 and 3.1
                                A10 isn't confirmed to get 3.1


                                    Samsung only gives priority to flagships and Exynos processors. Don't ever buy snapdragon midrange devices. Never security and system update on time.

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                                      • 19 Feb 2021

                                      I am having an issue with the auto brightness keeps going dim and bright and dim and keeps repeating all the time..Hopefully there will be a fix for this issue.

                                        Cheffy11, 19 Feb 2021Why would you want to use a 10 year old phone? You should b... moreEvery 2 yrs 😠 are you mad,I'm using a CUBOT p30 which will last me at least 4yrs or more, Daily Driver that is,and my nokia 6680 from for a secondary phone which I love and never let me down after all these yrs as a back up,ppl are so obsessed with updates,becareful what you wish for 🤳👍😎