Samsung brings One UI 3.1 for older Galaxy flagships and midranges

18 February 2021
Update availability will vary depending on your region and carrier.

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  • matis

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021phone after update operation,deteriorated life battery so b... moreGod thats awful

Nokia-Fan-Boy, 18 Feb 2021What about m series phones?M11, M21, M31, M51 will get an upgrade of one ui 3.1 soon

But M10, M20, M30 may not get

  • Franko

Why is the battery so bad on the A71? I've tried everything to fix it but always down to 15% end of day. Would hope that update might fix it but doubt it.

  • AnonD-973296

Rareart1, 18 Feb 2021 What about Note 9 ?note 9 is stuck at OneUI 2.5

  • Trooper

Damn!, no Galaxy S5 Plus...

What about
Note 9 ?

  • Salah al amoodi

Every time i update my phone i got new features but after updating phone was getting slow because no one take action on samsung like apple but we have book a FIR against samsung for hacking a devices

What about m series phones?

  • PSxUchiha

Really happy with Samsung pushing updates even to budget devices like the m30s or m21.

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Hopefully they do not update anymore ONE UI at all. I rec... moreNearby share is more convenient...why keep same type of functionality softwares more than one and bloat the ui

  • Anonymous

Funny how many how many get here angry, that their phone is not in the update list...
Of course it will! As long as your Samsung smartphone is from 2019 and newer, it will get it (2 or 3 years of software support depended on the device).
Just because it isn't currently in the list it doesn't mean it will not come.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Hopefully they do not update anymore ONE UI at all. I rec... moreunfortunately they removed the ability to share directly with Wi-Fi direct, but it is still usable when connected in the Wi-Fi settings -> Wi-Fi direct

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021Hopefully they do not update anymore ONE UI at all. I rec... moreBro use nearby share (Google feature). much better and easier

  • Anonymous

phone after update operation,deteriorated life battery so bad and product does not work properly if don't even go reboot gaps phones.

Samsung dawn grades the phone futures, inspired by Apple and Tesla, because so far nobody has take them to court (it's time Sam to pay for all your sins)
Because of that i don't like any "upgrades" not from Samsung, they do this from first Samsung galaxy phone.
I read comments that people want to dawn grade the software, so far this can't be done without Samsung helping out, moast of their customers will do that or good hackers that try to make the world a better place!
Sad part, Samsung made products that are hard to switch off to other brands because it's nothing out there that can really compete with what they offer, but this not means they can do whatever they want with people's phones!

  • Dazed1

pan dv, 18 Feb 2021never had any galaxy phone... applaud for the title, only ... more

This is the very latest software that is passed on on 2y old devices, even from entry level.

That doesn't mean its their last uldate, but they give the newest to the 2y old products at most. Now do you have anything else to whine about?

  • Sheeraz

How can I check that my mobile is on UI 3.1.
2nd will DEX option will be also available in note 10 lite?

  • Nishith Vyas

I'm actively looking for ONE UI 3.0/3.1 for my Samsung Galaxy S9.

Please share if someone has any information.

  • Samsung greed

it's just a shame it never looks after older models that made samsung in the first place utter bolloks. com

potato4k, 18 Feb 2021A71 is scheduled to get OneUI 3 in May. Very late and disap... morethat schedule list is quite false.. A71 5G got android 11 and UI 3.0, there says May.. A51 got it like 2 weeks ago or started on that list was in March, then M30s wasn't even listed and got the update like 10 days ago and more examples show that the list is proof on changing very quick, my own suggestions is A71 4G would be in the middle of March month, maybe.. who knows