YouTube for Android now giving 4K playback option even if don't have a 4K screen

19 February 2021
This is a server-side update and it remains to be seen how many devices are supported.

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I have an A50, I noticed I had the option for 4K60fps when I opened the remastered version of Rickroll which was released 2 weeks ago. My friend with his note10 lite however cannot open 4k60fps on the same video

i can barely play videos at over 360p (on phone or laptop) :3

  • Anonymous

I use Newpipe, much better for me.

Socalteknique, 19 Feb 2021I saw this option last night on my P30 Pro. I'm not su... moreBelieve me you'll like it

*Yawns in YouTube vanced*

Youtube Vanced had this a long time ago.

Whackcar, 19 Feb 2021Watching 4k content on 2k screen is pointless. Waste of ban... moreBecause youtube compresses video it will definitely look better, I tried it and it looks way better.

Works like a charm on s21U. And yes, I can see the difference

  • Techy

Yes, it does provide 4k playback even on fhd+ displays.

  • Socalteknique

I saw this option last night on my P30 Pro. I'm not sure it's even that helpful since it's only a 1080p screen.

made for graphic-whore people.

For me, no need for it, 480p enough for daily videos

  • Anonymous

Good for when running android on a streaming box connected to a 4k TV. Not much point for most android devices.

Watching in 1080p is quite okay for me. No need to go that far. 😄

  • jk

On phones more than 360p makes no sense

Watching 4k content on 2k screen is pointless. Waste of bandwidth, nothing more...

Yes I noticed this on my phone on my break when I sat down to watch a video that was in 4k and I could play it at max resolution without lag. I think they implemented this nicely

  • AnonD-973296

cant tell if this is a good idea or not, the only phone that can take advantage of this feature would be Xperia 1 II, the entire sony "premium" line