YouTube for Android now giving 4K playback option even if don't have a 4K screen

19 February 2021
This is a server-side update and it remains to be seen how many devices are supported.

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  • Antonioro0007

My samsung A50 supports 2160p video. It looks way better than the 1080p and it's amazing that they managed to add this.

  • Anonymous

Mi note 10 lite has this option. ! Yay

  • ArtiKuki

Yes i have this option on my xiaomi mi 8

Not even 1440p on Mediapad M5, I'm disappointed.

  • Boss

DeemedDark, 20 Feb 2021How will Work on P30 Lite?. Nope only for sort of high end devices! Because I have 2 phone note 20 ultra and huawei p30 lite! The lite don't have 2160p videos but my note have!

  • Anonymous

I have it on my Sony Xperia 1 II

  • Yogesh

It's now giving me 2k

  • Anonymous

I hope this comes to YouTube for Android Tv so my FHD Mi TV could playback 4k content.

  • Koshry

Is it useless for non 4k screens ?

SEUL8TR, 21 Feb 2021You using WiFi or 4G?WiFi. I don't use mobile data

  • Rajan

Pixel 4a got 4k capability even with the latest youtube and obviously, the screen ain't 4k compatible

  • Riy

My nokia 6.1 plus has

SEUL8TR, 20 Feb 2021You need at least 80mbps to on 2160p 4k too buffer smoothly.But what I meant shimmering is when u see lines in certain spots depends what is on the scene for example net in tennis court will shimmer .. or windows blinds will shimmer becuse it has lines and if u put too to big resolution on lower resolution device it will show distorted these spots.. No pont having 8k on 4k or 4k on 1k or 2k screens it can only make it worse...

SEUL8TR, 20 Feb 2021You need at least 80mbps to on 2160p 4k too buffer smoothly.I have 100meg internet...

SShreyas, 21 Feb 2021Mine isn't buffering even at 40You using WiFi or 4G?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Useful because bitrateseven without 4k screen bitrate and better compression video looks more better

  • Kieran

Not really new I had 4k on my Huawei y5 2019 since I bought it in 2019

  • Anonymous

Mehedi Hasan, 20 Feb 2021Samsung a30s don’t work the rules! No my redmi 6a not support 2k Or 4 k video resolution but it follow 1080 p

  • Anonymous

same with my case; sony xperia c3, 1280x720, yt app version 14.50.53, but its only 1080p ._.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021I still remember the horor of watching YouTube videos in 48... moreNow be more horrified to find out there was a way to circumvent that restriction. If you only tried.