Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G's One UI 3.1 update rolling out again

20 February 2021
It's currently seeding in Europe and requires a download of over 1.7GB.

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  • Jin

AllMight, 06 Apr 2021I am having ghost touch issue for 4 days. the last update i... moreI am using a S20 FE 5G from UAE. No ghost touch issues for me since I bought it last January.

  • AllMight

I am having ghost touch issue for 4 days. the last update i recieved was on february 1 after that nothing came. Anyone else having ghost touch issue still?

  • Reeves

I was forced to update mine to one ui 3.1 (they only let you postpone it twice so i didnt have a choice aparently)

And now i have to run on 4g only, as the update has "broken" LTE. If i set to lte there is no connection anymore.

Thanks samsung.

  • MAD27

So sad to say that Samsung is really failing to take care of their devices ..
After updating my S20 FE 5G to 3.1 One UI, sadly the 5G is still not working at all !

This is really a big bummer, and it seems like Samsung is not listening to their customers opinions !

If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't buy the 5G version, instead just buy the regular one to avoid this kind of horribleness !

  • MAD27

Finally, March update for S20 FE 5G in USA with 3.1 One UI update has been released. Downloading ...

  • DV2

Be surprised that once the update hits you you won't have "Fast Wireless Charging" FOR 3RD PARTY DEVICES (Xiaomi, etc)

It'll still charge, just very slowly

Samsung shoving you their official products up ya throat now "because we want you to buy our chargers, now that we don't put em at our flagship phones"

  • MAD27

It's the middle of March, and still no One UI 3.1 update for S20 FE 5G in USA

  • MAD27

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2021When is the update for samsung s20fe for one ui3.1 here in ... moreSame with USA, no update until now

  • Anonymous

When is the update for samsung s20fe for one ui3.1 here in uae? Please comment on this. Thanks

  • David

Kon, 21 Feb 2021Personally I don't think a hardware problem can always... moreHello. I have bought s20 fe 5g 1 Day ago. No ghost touch issue at all. Even before android 11 or any update. Stock out of The box. The Phone îs Good.

  • MAD27

I have S20 FE 5G in the US, still didn't receive the One UI 3.1 update.

The issues that I have in my phone right now is mostly with the 5G. It's not working at all, only 4G.

Hopefully this update fixes this issue.

The ghost touches happens rarely, I never had a problem with it.

  • Darius

Updated the 5G model 2 days ago. Nothing to report, everything working fine so far.
Some apk installed apps don't work properly anymore since the One UI 3.0, or Android 11. Maybe a reinstall would fix them.

  • Jury

I have problems my Bluetooth disconnects & reconnects but if opening other apps I get static noise,some apps don't function or you have 2 power on or off/restart then things work temporary when I first got the phone I just had finger scanner issues wouldn't read but now I'd rather suffer with the touch scanner issue then the problems now.

  • MoonDawg55

Skeet skeet, don't know about all the whining is about LOL blued out FE 5G is working flawlessly...

  • Anonymous

After the 3.1 UI update in Canada I get an issue where I can not turn on my screen consistantly. Both with double tapping the screen and by using the power button

  • Anonymous

My S20 FE 5G had the ghost touch but it disappeared with android 11 update. Some say they still have the problem. Now I am a bit scared, should I update the oneui 3.1 or not, because everything is good for now.

  • Anonymous

how do we make emoji back to normal size

  • MrDong

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Did they fix the ghost touch screen issue?I did get the display (and battery) replaced under warranty. Can say it's improved but not there yet. A recall would have made more sense. I am trying to sell it and replace it with something else, not sure.

  • Kon

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Did they fix the ghost touch screen issue?Personally I don't think a hardware problem can always be fixed by software! Only a few phones suffered this, or the user has never noticed the problem. My 5G has been fine from new. It's the same in the motor industry - a few cars have a fault that needs to be recalled. I phone was updated on 18th Feb', and the only minor issue is the Bluetooth with the car. Fixed.

  • Anonymous

Did they fix the ghost touch screen issue?