Red Magic Watch teased ahead of March 4 launch

23 February 2021
It also leaked in a hands-on shot.

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The watch literally looks like the Huawei gt 2/honor magicwatch 2
It has the same red ring around the top button and I think the same build

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    • Anonymous
    • uGM
    • 24 Feb 2021

    Me too... me too... ALL these recent releases of 'China made' watches are exactly the same; size, spec, design & marketing & at the same price points. There is "no choice" they're "all the same". This kind of BS should be illegal.

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      • AnonD-940827
      • 8pQ
      • 24 Feb 2021

      Sadly the screen isn't protected. Guess I'll just stick with the gear s3. Lasts 4 days per charge anyway. Even with BT and GPS turned on all day.

        Nice. Really gaming themed. Will sell well.

          Why are round smart watch's so huge in diameter? Ok battery capacity and screen size. Breitling watches used to be `the` oversized watch. This looks like a Frisbee on the wrist! ;-)

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            • Anonymous
            • 3WR
            • 23 Feb 2021

            It looks like Honor magic watch 2