Huawei now accepts third party apps for its wearable devices

24 February 2021
The lack of third party apps was one of the main pain points for the company's wearables.

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  • Anonymous

This sounds great. I hope Huawei does this soon!

  • Anonymous

Thank you Huawei

  • Stole

sudione, 24 Feb 2021Too late.:/Same here, too late.

  • Anonymous

Nik, 24 Feb 2021I have a Huawei Watch 2 watch, which is a WearOS watch, and... moreI think you may have misunderstood what "third party apps" means, because I have that watch and it has 0 third party apps. Always been the case. That's why this is big news.

  • HvF

Whats about Strava?

  • Nik

I have a Huawei Watch 2 watch, which is a WearOS watch, and has plenty of third party apps...

  • Birkie Birk

It's a great workout app. The best actually. This is the only app which gives free workout packs and paid are awesome. It would be appreciated if pull-up bar exercises added.

Okaaay but what about normal GT 2 and not the pro

  • Romi

And what about Honor Magic watch 2 for example?

Too late.:/

  • Anonymous

So LiteOS supports 3rd party apps now? This sounds great for developers.