The Redmi K40 will be a gaming phone too, with 300+ Hz touch sampling rate and gaming accessories

24 February 2021
The accessories include clip-on shoulder buttons and an external fan to keep the Snapdragon 888 chipset cool.

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  • Bobby gBG

Gaming? How?
The MIUI is epic fail in memory management, incapable to keep even even 3-4 games without closing one of them.
Just make a screenshot, upload to social media, and your game is closed.

Gary paul, 27 Feb 2021very well said and explained bro! you literally shut every... moreThanks you, and well, sadly some will never learn and still think that they can impose their choice to everyone, they can't understand that there are people who don't like wireless, because they, themselves, like it.

Demongornot, 25 Feb 2021"why are you confusing WiFi and Bluetooth" Why... morevery well said and explained bro! you literally shut everyone up those were bashing on 3.5mm jack and sd card support.

  • MrDong

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021No I have owned phones from almost every brand. Android ... moreNope my Samsung running on OneUI is running quite smoothly. Sure not as fast as my iPhone but rarely any app crashes or major slowdowns.

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2021You are not understanding it seems Sometime you have to ... more"why are you confusing WiFi and Bluetooth"

Why are you confusing 3.5mm Jack and Bluetooth ?

The thing is simple :
Both are different, both have different uses, and both have many users, what you are suggesting is that we remove something that a heck of a lot of users do actively use, just because you don't like it.
It isn't about breaking norms, it is about you being egocentric and totally egoistical.

"3.5mm is tempting plug and play technology which is far more versatile than wireless tech"
That's it, no need to say more you perfectly described how and why we should keep it.

"but without killing it, there would be no innovation in Wirless sector."
This is TOTAL BS, we didn't need to kill FAX to allow for the internet.
We didn't need to kill telephones to allow for mobile phones.
We didn't needed to kill dumbphones/feature phones to allow smartphones.
We didn't need to kill printers to allow 3D printers.
We didn't need to kill internal combustion engines cars to allow electric cars.
And the 3.5mm Jack clearly did never need to disappear to allow for Bluetooth.
Back when I had a Logitech G930 wireless gaming headset and the iPhone still had a 3.5mm Jack, I bought it in Feb 2011, it was already working so well that I would no problem take one back if my current headset was to die.
What you talk about already existed, it was just not pushed/implemented to Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth was NEVER made to work for audio in the first place, as I said the best route would have been to add another standard that work basically the same as how gaming headset proprietary wireless system work and plan to make it evolve to also stream video, it would have been a highly secured one way streaming, high bandwidth and almost no latency standard, THAT would have been great.

Still having a 3.5mm Jack wouldn't have prevented you in any cases to still have wireless operations.

"but atleast according to me and (Apple) The Jack need to go."
We don't care, we don't want you pushing this agenda, Apple is known for taking many poor decisions that caused massive issues industry wide.
It doesn't need to go, YOU THINK it need to go, you are just too arrogant to care about those who are using it.

If anything, it can evolve, the same way IDE give place to SATA, the 3.5mm Jack could evolve, but it CANNOT be replaced by wireless as those two can both co-exist AND have TOTALLY DIFFERENT USES.
One way it could evolve is by removing the physical port and switching to a magnetic connector, examples include the old MagSafe (not the wireless one) :
The LG dual display cases USB magnetic plug :
And many other equivalent, it is the ONLY way to use an adapter, something that DOESN'T change at all the way the Jack work.

This is what I choose on my fictional concept phone :
One for the Data/Charging, another for Audio Jack, it work exactly the same as the regular Jack and allow to plug old and new USB and Lightning, THAT is how evolution should work, making something new that work better than the previous iteration (which isn't the case for Bluetooth) and DOESN'T lock out perfectly valid and working standards that are still actively used by the whole industry and is the most important one for professionals along with XLR.
In fact, the only thing that should be thought as a replacement for the Jack is either a tiny XLR version that can fit into smartphone, or something, still analog, that can replace both, and which is still backward compatible.

Who still use Wi-Fi A or Bluetooth 1.0 or USB 1.0 or 3G data nowadays ?
Still, the newest iterations have kept compatibility for those old standards.

  • Anonymous

MrDong, 25 Feb 2021If you are talking about MIUI then yes, I agree.No I have owned phones from almost every brand.

Android lag is chronical it just never goes, you can't seperate lag and Android

Hopefully Fuchsia OS will solve it when it arrives in a decade.

  • MrDong

Fuchsia Master, 25 Feb 2021Wrong Android is incredibly slow and Laggy Fuchsia OS wi... moreIf you are talking about MIUI then yes, I agree.

  • MrDong

Android--Master, 25 Feb 2021Fake News. IPhone display slow and laggy experience compare... moreTry the phone first then come back and tell me before you bash the iPhone.

Tell me why many professional grade PUBG players and streamers are relying on iPad/iPhones to play the game? From many I have watched barely anyone uses a Galaxy device, several uses ROG Phone but the majority actually use iOS devices.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 25 Feb 2021Yes, which is exactly what happened with IDE to SATA, a tru... moreYou are not understanding it seems

Sometime you have to literally break the norm to do mainstream adoption,

For example

Everyone though Oil will run out only in 2054 and so everyone can continue using Gasoline/Diesel cars

Every had no idea on how to adapt to new zero emission technologies that are great for environments and humans themselves.

So literlaly it took the Government to give a deadline for Combustion Engines to make Electric cars relevant.

That's exactly what Apple and others have done, yes 3.5mm jack could last another 1000 years, but without ditching them no one is going to take wireless technology seriously., look now how serious Wireless standards are becoming.

why are you confusing WiFi and Bluetooth??

Wifi takes a lot of enery to transfer 3W to 4w of power, Bluetooth works with just100 mW that's 30 to 40 times less power.

And that's ideal for wearables.

Also they both surve different purposes now don't mingle them


3.5mm is tempting plug and play technology which is far more versatile than wireless tech, but without killing it, there would be no innovation in Wirless sector.

Most basic example if I am working in kitchen, I don't need to carry my phone in pocket all the time, just lay it resting on the shelf, while I move elsewhere and return, plus noo dangling wires too :D

Yes you can make arguments for 3.5mm Jack but it's well know now , but atleast according to me and (Apple) The Jack need to go.

Technology Enjoyer, 25 Feb 2021You want to dump something to make way for a better one. ... moreYes, which is exactly what happened with IDE to SATA, a true replacement :
*Work the same for the user, plug that end, plug that other end, use it.
*Only have upsides, faster, smaller, had room to improve and evolve.

Following your logic, Wi-Fi should have totally replaced Bluetooth, it is faster, allow to do much more things, and it is more secure.

Actually, I am that guy who say "Lets keep the standard electric car plug available" while you are the guy saying :
"Lets ditch plugs, there is induction charging, it is only less efficient making it an ecological nightmare, and it is slower to charge the car, but hey, it is wireless".
Note that I DIDN'T say "do NOT implement induction charging and only stick to plugs", I said "lets keep the plug".
Because there are people still using it, and there are more than enough valid reasons to keep it.

"Apple dumped the 3.5mm jack"
Yes, and they also are the one using proprietary charging and data plug while everyone else use a common standard and everyone basically ask Apple to follow.
We all know that they did that to force sell wireless stuff.

"everyone else follwed 4 years later."
Wrong, not everyone, and some brands actually put it back, and in general it is only on high end and flagships that they remove it.

"Now we have affordable Low latency earphones"
We have even more affordable and 0 latency wired earphones, headphones and headsets.
Also, even low latency, there is still a NOTICEABLE latency nonetheless.

"Earbuds with long battery life."
And wired equipment have infinite battery life, because they don't have this degrading piece of tech that FORCE you, that you want it or not, to charge it.

"Without Apples decison we would still have mediocre wireless audio devices."
Wrong, there would be even better wireless audio devices, as they would have REQUIRED to be good in order to compete, and since there would have still been people wanting wireless, the market would have evolved too, exactly like in gaming headsets there are wired and wireless ones (though they aren't using the crappy Bluetooth standard for that, thanksfully), and wireless ones are as good as wired ones.
In fact, it could have been possible that rather than improving on Bluetooth for audio, a new standard specifically designed for audio could have emerged, meaning low latency and high bandwith, but also less requirement for security as it is only a streaming of a single type of data which doesn't require any access, working much more like gaming headset wireless protocols but made as a standard.

"I usually don't like Apple but I am thankful for them for this."
As usual, it is one of the poor decision that Apple made and who plagued the Android ecosystem because stupid manufacturers blindly copy them.

"No 3.5mm jack, Wirless is the only way forward."
To come back to your horse analogy, imagining I was the one sticking to them, you would be the one asking that everything that move is an electric vehicle, no exceptions, while I simply say "Ok, fine, do as you like, I just want to be able to keep enjoying riding my horse whenever I feel like it".
The 3.5mm Jack DOES NOT prevent you from using wireless things.
Otherwise, "No Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is the only way moving forward."

"Hopefully MicroSD slots would be abandoned soon, so we can have fast UFS memory in phones."
You are a really special kind of egocentric egoistic individual, have you ever considered that many don't care about the speed and that there are MUCH MORE uses for the SD card, like having a quickly swappable media, allowing to extend memory when needed, easy file transfert, capability to have virtually unlimited memory when it is needed, for example someone who travel a lot and do enjoy to take many pictures, etc?
No, of course not, there is only your little person in your world.
You don't care that many DON'T WANT to use wireless, or that many DO HAVE already existing wired equipment, even expensive one, that they don't want to stop using or deal with all the issues of the USB to Jack dongle.
In fact, for people like you there should be a special rule, selling smartphones with Bluetooth disabled, so you understand how it feels to force others to only have your own thing.
The day the 3.5mm Jack will prevent Wireless hardware to work, I'll agree with you that it should be removed as it prevent from moving forward, but here it is the opposite, it doesn't prevent anything to work, it in fact give MORE OPTIONS, which IS the way moving forward, removing something that is still widely used, work really well and doesn't cause any issue is a huge step back and a totally stupid decision, exactly like how they want to make portless devices.

Gary paul, 25 Feb 2021what are u talking about anonymous guy, A headphone jack i... moreI agree with you. But you look at that kind of comment from that anon I replied, and you'll see just how many mainstream normies out there buying into new trend thinking it's better, which is just f***ing isn't!

YUKI93, 25 Feb 2021"Nobody wants century old 3.5mm jack when you have aff... morewhat are u talking about anonymous guy, A headphone jack is a must for every smartphone i dont quite understand why are they following footsteps of gold digging complany like apple, which literally makes trash iphones.

Mediatek sux, 25 Feb 2021Ok i should make it clear - where did i say wireless is superior?Oh okay, I understand that now.

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021you are not getting both Hopefully all phones don't... moreJokes on you anon, I have zero problem with my five-year-old SD card. If anything, I take out all my files from my cloud storage.

YUKI93, 25 Feb 2021Every audio enthusiasts in the world. That is why there is ... moreOk i should make it clear - where did i say wireless is superior?

Anonymous, 24 Feb 2021Old technology is choke hold for future innovation, and mus... more"Nobody wants century old 3.5mm jack when you have affordable low latency earbuds, which are massively improving in battery, latency and quality year on year."
This is definitely the best joke I heard in my whole life. That century old 3.5mm jack NEVER suffer any latency lag at all and no need to worry about battery life! 🤣😂

"Hopefully when Apple gets rid of Charging Port , everyone follows as it will pave way for true wireless charging revolution."
Ewww, wireless charging is totally pointless since you have to plug the charging brick to the socket in the first place! :v

Uncle D, 24 Feb 2021Agree! I don't want to pay more for getting this din... moreLol, it was that so-called 'dinosaur tech' that still gives better audio. Heck, there's not even a need to worry about latency issue with that 'dinosaur tech'. I have been a long-time wireless audio user to know that I definitely wouldn't embrace it ever again.

Mediatek sux, 25 Feb 2021Who said its superior?Every audio enthusiasts in the world. That is why there is no such thing as wireless HiFi. It couldn't be done.

Hold on a minute, how about the Black Shark lineup? I don't think it will die any time soon.

Eliezerjk, 25 Feb 2021Read carefully... I said from "quality of sound perspe... more'read carefully'. Why dont you do that first? You seem to be thinking im someone else.