Apple adds reparability scores for iPhones and MacBooks sold in France

26 February 2021
The SE (2020) is the most repair-friendly iPhone currently on sale from Apple.

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Lol. Repairability scores on iPhones are essentially useless especially on the newest ones because almost all the components are paired to the logic board, meaning all repairs have to be done by Apple themselves.

  • Mitch Landry

Fayth, 27 Feb 2021even with 10/10 repairability I couldn't fix it myselfokay you can't fix your phone yourself, but the client has the right to know the repair index of his phone because if he wants to change a broken element he will know if you need to change the whole screen or only the element concerned

  • Woohoo

For the sake of repeating what others have already said-those look more like disassembly scores or replaceability scores for the battery by a professional/authorized person.

Berserker, 26 Feb 2021It should be called disassembly score. Those scores doesn... moreAlso access to replacement parts is almost impossible for 3rd party and individual customers.

even with 10/10 repairability
I couldn't fix it myself

  • Anonymous

What happens if the cpu, GPU, Ram, hard drive, battery, LCD, backlight etc etc fails...

MrDong, 27 Feb 2021Solid results for the iPhone 12. A shattered back can be co... moreSolid results?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Check how much it costs to replace the back glass.

  • Anonymous

It would be also nice to lower the cost of parts, then everything could be repearable, and not sent in trash because of one small issue. For example, any car mechanic can have at least 40% off on any car parts, they just need to create a member card. If you ask politely for even more of a discount, you will get it. Another example is that the most expensive shirt to produce is around 2euro but high end brands charge consumer 100euro or more. Yes, those shirts are much nicer than average shirts that cost to produce 1 euro and for end user to buy 20-30euro. But more expensive the good, more markup there is. So, you know how much stores have a huge markup on any goods and that is why you see some of discounts could be 70% off and stores still make a nice profit off of it.
To give you another example, factory expense for high end german car manufacturer to produce engine is 150 euro. To produce the whole average car in his fleet for that manufacturer is 3000e. When it comes to a customer, that price is 30000euro. The most expensive car to produce for that manufacturer is less than 10000euro but for consumer that price is 200000euro.
Just divide any product price you pay by 10 and you will get maximum price for its production.
I see BOM on net for high end phone and prices are way off. Those are the prices end user or small company would pay. Yes, there is alot of other costs like software tweaking, marketing, transportation, customs, etc but just look at any company years profit which is to a big company in billions of euros and you see that 99.99percent of consumer goods and services are way overpriced.
If goverments really want to reduce trash, co2, be environmentally friendly, maybe it is time to force manufacturers to lower the price of parts and those overpriced products consumers pay will have much longer work life. But they do it other way around, maybe deliberatley, maybe out of knowledge. But also putting more and more parts in a car to save co2 is absurd, since those parts to produce emits alot of co2 and cars brake alot more due to those parts and they take another expensive parts with them. And those parts brake alot, so when car brakes due to that part or those parts brake, car is unrepearable due to price of parts so again alot of co2 is produced and trash added. Or if it is repearable, to make that part is more of co2 produced than what would be saved with that part installed in a car. I went from a subject, so i will stop here

It's a good initiative, but are these the real numbers? Should be lower, I think. Also that needs to be worldwide thing.

  • Anonymous

repairability should be -10 as like every part is soldered or locked up via apple standards and apple will always recommend you to either replace the whole part eg. motherboard or buy a new product.

  • MrDong

Solid results for the iPhone 12. A shattered back can be covered with a case. I'm wondering how well a Samsung S21 will score. 4? S20 scored only 3 in iFixIt.

  • MrDong

[deleted post]True

They should make a price friendly phones too.
If Mini cost 800k and should be the budget device then i am laughing as much as Charlie Chaplin seeing him self in mirror.

  • Anonymous

those scores should be lower,, too many locked parts

And Big Corp gets away with all the lies. P ssing in your face and calling it rain.

6.5/10 when you can't replace a single component in your computer.

This is what you get when you vote "Conservative". Politicians writing laws that favours cartel corporations and makes you a paypig without any rights.

It should be called disassembly score.
Those scores doesn't mean shlit for people who are repairing themselves and the third party repairs when almost every replaceable part is code locked.

  • Anonymous

ProMaster96, 26 Feb 2021Whats this score means to us anyway? Whether its 9/10 score... moreSamsung copied the same crap too now. Everything serialized and tied to the mainboard.

Whats this score means to us anyway? Whether its 9/10 score, hard or easy, at the of the day you still cant fix your own iphone or bring it to independent party repair cuz they lock and pair every hardware inside which require Apple store themselves to pair/activate the new replaced parts with the phone.
So, that score is meaningless for iphone, I dont know if macbook applied hardware bind or not.

  • An0n

Kingslayer, 26 Feb 2021LG G5 got a 8/10 for repairabilty from iFixit. If a 10 is e... moreWell, your dream won't be last long when Apple applies some "protections" whenever their product is serviced outside Apple "official" repair shop. Trust me, though their OEM sparepart is abundant, once those "protections" are in place, it would count as nothing.

LG G5 got a 8/10 for repairabilty from iFixit. If a 10 is easiest to replace, it probably got a 10 there along with the V20.

The two iPhones I own, SE1 & 7, have a 6 and 7 score. The SE is lower. The 7 is similar to the 6 and 6S. Just more waterproofing which makes it a little more complicated. For me, it's all about how easy to replace the battery. I believe SE1 and 7 are super easy to do with DIY kits.

This is why I like Apple's aftermarket support. They're so common, it's easy to replace the battery. I really can't do this with Android phones especially HTC. To replace a battery on my HTC One (M8), it will cost me $129.99 from uBreakiFixit. I only got the M8 for $35. Once it's dead, I have no intention to revive it. Neither with my Essential Phone.

I prefer Android but I understand people's love for Apple. They last longer because of the software support they're getting plus their aftermarket repairs. They're like Honda and Toyota. Cheap to repair because they're so common. So many third-party repair shops can do it for only $25-$35 instead of the usual $50 at the Apple Store.