Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 gets Android 11 update with One UI 3.1

02 March 2021
It was scheduled for May, but is already arriving.

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  • Anu
  • NgW
  • 21 Nov 2022

How to update my phon

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    • Caribbean693
    • Ybg
    • 02 Jun 2021

    Audio and velocity in players with issues since update in June 2021. Only Ytube and Ntflix works fine.

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      • S-India
      • 7t{
      • 27 May 2021

      Thank you so much for all the comments, I m not going to update my TAB S6, decided to forget about it after reading all your comments.

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        • AppDev
        • qyK
        • 27 Apr 2021

        I work in app development and Android 11 made some significant changes that will break many apps that were running fine in Android 10. That is what sounds like is happening to many of the commenters here. The fix is not with Samsung or Google it will have to fall onto the individual app developers to update their apps to work on Android 11.
        This was a poorly executed OS update by Google and made breaking changes to many apps!

          Anonymous, 24 Mar 2021My husband and I are also having app issues since the Andro... moreUnfortunately updates are irreversible short of breaking root and flashing an official rom and firmware, which are nearly impossible to find.

            The update also kills ability to enter recovery mode and download mode without a trick using a USB c to a cable and a computer or a pair of USB c headphones. At least their lack of proper testing didn't result in an update rolling out that bricked devices completely, but ill no longer be trusting their updates until they've already been in use in the wild for a good while. These devices are too pricey to excuse such a sloppy ota. I contacted them and it seems they are unaware that the update broke recovery capability and their offered solution was to take it to one of their service centers and PAY to have my tab fixed or replaced. No thanks, I'll wait until they get enough complaints to patch it.

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              • Jerry
              • EJ{
              • 27 Mar 2021

              Since the update to my Tab S6 I get intermittent but very consistant wifi disconnects every couple of minutes... on any other device there is never a problem with my wifi. It started immediately after the update. This is terrible and very frustrating!!!

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                • Gung Wah
                • t@g
                • 25 Mar 2021

                After update, various google apps are crash, cant open it. Now my tablet no more than just a youtube player. Cmon please fix it..

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                  • tmf33uk
                  • 3gI
                  • 25 Mar 2021

                  Since the update of my Samsung Galaxy tab S6 on 1th March, various apps close immediately on opening them.

                  I fixed the issue with the kindle app by uninstalling and re-installing it, but now it's happening with an email program. I too have cleared cache and rebooted but to no avail...

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Y2%
                    • 24 Mar 2021

                    My husband and I are also having app issues since the Android 11 update. Can't find a way to reverse/undo the update. Right now our 2 Tab S6's are close to useless!

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                      • Cyrano
                      • 4yT
                      • 23 Mar 2021

                      I also have issues with my apps. I've searched for any clues on how to fix this, but no dice so far. It IS obviously a Samsung issue, since different apps are being affected since the update.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Ydn
                        • 23 Mar 2021

                        My s6 lite received the update today. Now apps appear to open and then quickly close. Have cleared cache, un installed these stand alone apps and re-installed- no good.

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                          • 6kh
                          • 19 Mar 2021

                          Audio issues after update to 11 on Galaxy Tab S6. Games have sound browsers do not. Anybody else have this issue. Reboot did not fix.

                          New scoped storage has made my file manager useless. I tried some of the ones that said they were updated but still can't get to all directories on the sdcard.

                          Other than those issues haven't noticed any major differences that have changed my experience for the better. Wish I had ignored the update.

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                            • naarestrup
                            • S2T
                            • 16 Mar 2021

                            Just got the update today in Denmark. LTE version.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • JQm
                              • 12 Mar 2021

                              I updated 2 days ago but 2nd screen option isn't available

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                                • god34
                                • fCE
                                • 11 Mar 2021

                                S-India, 03 Mar 2021Any Samsung Tab S6 here, who has tried this update? How is ... moreI did it two days back, it's more stable and smooth. The games which were lagging have also become more stable.

                                  S-India, 03 Mar 2021Any Samsung Tab S6 here, who has tried this update? How is ... moreI've just flashed the ROM.

                                  Looks beautiful so far, but apparently the second monitor option isn't present in the update...

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                                    • WolesBro
                                    • XTr
                                    • 07 Mar 2021

                                    Gyu tomioka, 03 Mar 2021Actually the update 2.5 is better compared to the factory w... moreAgree with u.. after One Ui 2.5 update, tab s6 much better and stable.. and more important, it had capability to open & show 3 apps at the same time..

                                    How about this One UI 3.1 update..? Has anyone tried it?
                                    It's said that its coolest features is a "Second Screen" mode.. using your tab as a second screen of your laptop.. wirelessly

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                                      • Picten265
                                      • NsB
                                      • 04 Mar 2021

                                      Mavesh , 04 Mar 2021We want android 11 for A71 they told us that we get it in m... moreBe patient the update will be available for Galaxy A series soon 😅😅😅

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                                        • Mavesh
                                        • XDk
                                        • 04 Mar 2021

                                        S-India, 03 Mar 2021Any Samsung Tab S6 here, who has tried this update? How is ... moreWe want android 11 for A71 they told us that we get it in march 2021...please can someone do something we want android 11