Redmi Note 10, 10 Pro and 10 Pro Max debut in India

04 March 2021
The first Redmi Notes with AMOLED displays are here.

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  • SandSanta

While it feels weird with no 5g, then again I honestly don't need it as I'm barely using 4g today. Those 15 mins I spend in the car going from the wifi at home to the wifi at work will do just fine with 4g.
But they'll most likely release a 5g version soon, or it might even be the global version so only india gets the 4g version.
I'd be more interested in having bluetooth 5.2 than 5g.

AnonD-131754, 04 Mar 2021Another good point. Screen Burns may be? using a k20 pro with amoled screen without any problems,also used oneplus 3t for 3 years again without any problems, i honestly have not heard about burn in problems in any phone in many years,pretty sure people won't have to worry about it,otherwise people can buy lcd phones as they are still available by many brands

React 2 Gadgets YT, 04 Mar 2021Even Redmi Note 10 which costs 140 dollars have an FHD+ 60h... moreiphones are trash.

  • AnonD-131754

ae86, 04 Mar 2021Hmmmm wonder if that AMOLED panel will last a year without ... moreAnother good point. Screen Burns may be?

MineTheDays, 04 Mar 2021The design is bad ewwww 🤮🤮no its not! you gotta be kidding me! from what angle does it look bad? its looks amazing. better than poco x3, quite similar to redmi k40.

Hmmmm wonder if that AMOLED panel will last a year without any issue

  • Anonymous

I'm sure this gonna sell like crazy,, looks like Xiaomi wants to tackle Realme this year

  • AnonD-131754

Kenawy, 04 Mar 2021Where is the 5g version SD750g isn't that big deal fo... moreExactly

Where is the 5g version
SD750g isn't that big deal for redmi

Amazing design, Xiaomi really nailed it this time.

  • Anonymous

All these 5G lover should look whether they get 4G network with full potential in their home?

  • Chaman

Girish, 04 Mar 2021No 5G !!!! Why??? We cannot use this phone for more than 6... moreWhat will you do with 5g? There is still time for infrastructure.

You are saying like after 5g arrival, this phone will become useless 😂😂

  • Anonymous

Why xiaomi dont even get 5g for the note 10 series.if realme have 5g on their realme 8 i will take realme

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2021Xiaomi=Copycat Pro Max with SD732 freaking funny, what kin... moreYou should ask samsung can A32 4g with helio G80 can handle 90hz? It is launched for more price than top variant of this phone.

  • AnonD-131754

Tech pro, 04 Mar 2021You have mi10i with sd 750G 120 hz lcd..i have a feeling a ... moreBut there's a catch in that!
I tried Mi 10i 5G for a while (obviously bought by a friend), and the camera output is not upto the mark. For a 108mp, even saying 108mp feels a prank.
Redmi could have improved over it.
Also, lets say 90Hz AMOLED coupled with sd 750 with a decent 64mp snapper would have done the job in pro max version.

No 5g then only difference between 10pro & 10pro max only camera. 👎👎👎👎

  • Anonymous

These small phone whinnies never stop... They are on every launch page.

The design is bad ewwww 🤮🤮

AnonD-131754, 04 Mar 2021SD 732G...hmmm... Looking forward to realme 8 pro. Maybe j... moreYou have mi10i with sd 750G 120 hz lcd..i have a feeling a 5G version of note 10 series will launch for sure in upcoming days

  • Go Kart

First one to comment 😜

No HDR 10 on the base Redmi Note 10 is a missed opportunity. Can't wait for reviews of their hyped up haptic feedback.