Previously leaked Sony Xperia Compact may be Japan-only ‘Xperia Ace 2’

09 March 2021
A new report suggests that an incoming compact Xperia phone may have a limited release.

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  • joob19521

Yes, Pleaser, Sony, DO, I could not formulate the wish better, and please Sony, keep it slim and upgraded to Android 12 and further too. I can't wait to replacing my current Xperia X Compact, but no other phone gets even near. Nor have my pockets and my hands been magically been expanding.

  • Anonymous

My X compact has served 5 good years, age is obviously showing by now. Simple requirements: 4.6 to 5", side mounted fingerprint, 3.5mm jack, decent storage and RAM, Sony please make it happen!!

  • mn

Dean F, 16 Mar 2021Holding thumbs for a 4.7 inch , 16x9 display, high end cpu... moreI agree with you :)

  • Umpalump

Dean F, 16 Mar 2021Holding thumbs for a 4.7 inch , 16x9 display, high end cpu... moreoh yes, i´m with you. Please !

  • Dean F

Holding thumbs for a 4.7 inch , 16x9 display, high end cpu. No punch hole, no notch. Single lens, high quality camera. Side finger print.

Please Sony.

  • TNK

Please launch to
sony mobiles in India

  • Anonymous

mahbubbinramij, 11 Mar 2021Notch ,Punch hole Everyone Hate this Feature May be.And yet everyone (including you) is fine when Apple and Samsung do it.

Notch ,Punch hole Everyone Hate this Feature May be.

AlienKiss, 11 Mar 2021It's because people like you we all have to suffer. Yo... moreDon't cry over it

1. People like me? What the hell you on about I said it looked like a brick, how am I demanding slim phones from that comment?
2. Moan about battery life? Where did I mention anything about battery life?
3. Leave the Android community alone? Huh I use Android, and tbh I comment when and how I see fit.

  • AlienKiss

Spoony, 10 Mar 2021Looks like a fat brickIt's because people like you we all have to suffer. You're demanding very slim phones, but you don't have the brains to realize that means very small batteries.
And then you dare to complain about the low battery life!
Make up your mind or go buy an iPhone and leave the android community alone!

  • Anonymous

Spoony, 10 Mar 2021Looks like a fat brickOr a chocolate bar ;D

Looks like a fat brick

  • Anonymous

Sony experia smart phone is the world best android mobile all in one tension free smartphone is experia

  • uly

i need a flagship compact phonee! iphone 12 mini is just compact crap without 3.5mm jack!

Thats to bad. We have been waiting for the phone.

  • Opaw

ae86, 10 Mar 2021Good point. Sorry I should have explained better, I actu... moreUnfortunate, but if that will change make a international release online others compak fans can access to small capable fones..

The domestic mobile phone networks and Sony have a very good relationship and they need a handset for school kids.. No shock if this is Japan only and where the target market is for it

Shashi, 10 Mar 2021Where to buy in INDIA Xperia 1||India will get Sony phones back no sooner than it takes for the huge import taxes to be abolished. That is why you can't buy one.. fly aboard and pay the tax in customs on the way back. No reason why we should be subsidising your purchase as we had been doing.

  • Shashi

Rajeev , 10 Mar 2021Really nice to see new Sony Xperia phones and I am one of t... moreWhere to buy in INDIA Xperia 1||

Fayth, 09 Mar 2021wait... really?In 11 weeks after launch, the PS5 units sold was almost 5m.
Surpassing the PS4 sales, with only 4.5m(?) units sold in 11 weeks after it's launch for PS4.

I think it's safe to say that PS5 will comepletely surpass the overall sale of PS4 or even PS2.