OnePlus 9 series will feature a 50MP Sony IMX766 ultrawide camera, CEO shares camera sample

10 March 2021
The OnePlus 9 lineup will be introduced on March 23.

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Anonym, 11 Mar 2021C'mon, Hasselblad is arguably a league above Zeiss. At... morethats a pretty far stretched statement lol i wouldn't say its league above zeiss , maybe on par.

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021The official USB-C adapter actually works very well. You wo... moreLast time I checked there was a decent $50 usb adapter.
Except it plugs into USB-C port so I cannot charge the phone while listening to music. And it is not rotate-able. And is easier to break (because it doesn't rotate). And is not really compatible with my 3.5mm plug that has a 90-degree turn. And cheaper devices usually keep the jack, which is driving me nuts. Why do I have to pay more for less?

Well looks like the best camera phone of the year but lets seee what doxmark will tell and say.

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patzman28, 11 Mar 2021still going the wrong way with the camerasYes

  • patzman28

still going the wrong way with the cameras

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Who told s21 ultra doesn't have great camera performan... moreCamera performance is largely subjective. Not worth arguing here.

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Yuri84, 10 Mar 2021Low end phone gets 3.5mm jack, high-end phone doesn't.... moreThe official USB-C adapter actually works very well. You won't be disappointed. If you are, there's like 20 other brands selling these.

  • Alamgir

One+9 phone is super ❤️❤️ I like it but his phone Paris

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Go buy an xiaomi mi 10t pro , you will not regret...

  • yosef

ARTE8800, 10 Mar 2021Just needs CarlZeiss optics and Exneon flash. yo men you back in time for sony ericson satio!!

  • Anonym

ARTE8800, 10 Mar 2021Just needs CarlZeiss optics and Exneon flash. C'mon, Hasselblad is arguably a league above Zeiss. At the very worst case, equivalent.

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Bastos, 10 Mar 2021The bigger the better is not true. Pixel and iphone stick t... moreWho told s21 ultra doesn't have great camera performance it beat apple in camera

Yuri84, 11 Mar 2021Shure 215 beats the crap out of them, then eats them for br... moreNowadays With fast charging, you can charge your phone for 30 mins & listen to music for hours

Shadocx, 10 Mar 2021That wouldn't surprise me if the Oppo Find X3 Pro and ... moreYes same parent company BBK. The find X3 pro screen will likely be the same screen for OnePlus 9 pro. The spec sheet for the launch of Find X3 pro today will be a sneak peek of OnePlus 9 pro spec sheet too.

I like barrel effect of ultrawide like a gopro. I even disable correction on my phone but, it is even less than I expect. that's the beauty of an ultrawide, not a distortion. why correct it?

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Looks real nice! I like the direction Oneplus is taking with the 9 series.

Hope the cameras are 2021 flagship quality.

Bigmeme, 10 Mar 2021Did you ever use a xiaomi phone? Just don't speak b.sI've played with a phone that had what looks like the Mi logo on the back. Assuming it was a Xiaomi and not a knock off of an already knock off brand. Phone was not impressive to say the least. Lagged like crazy, screen was horrible. Couldn't tell you a model or anything as it was 5 minutes of wondering why relative liked this phone.
But it dawned on me and I can sum it up in 1 word - CHEAP!

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2021Have been using OnePlus phones for work for more than 4 yea... moreI've given serious consideration about upgrading to a One+ when I feel the time is right but now that they seem to have 'Settled' on multiple devices instead of one great device at an uncompromising price I think I'll wait another 2 years to see where they go and what my preferred brands are doing.

So much for the Hasselblad hype. The CEO doesn't even bother mentioning the brand. Instead, they are showing that the hardware itself is Sony. LOL.

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48Mp + 50Mp + 8MP + 2Mp.