Motorola Moto G10 in for review

14 March 2021
The G10 feels boxed in by its own siblings - the G10 Power and G30 have us asking whether the G10 is really worth €150.

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  • 07 Apr 2021

Never buy Moto G10 power. This phone is not worth Rs. 10k.
Camera quality, touch, outdoor display r of poor quality.
This is my first and last Moto brand phone.

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    • 14 Mar 2021

    Daya, 14 Mar 2021I using now motorola one fusion + but motorola experience i... moreBelieve it or not, Motorola is routinely not shipping compasses in their phones (even more expensive ones) in 2021. That's why the compass doesn't work on the phone. It's ludicrous isn't it? Does any other company do this?

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      • 14 Mar 2021

      I using now motorola one fusion + but motorola experience is very bad, screen mirroring is not working.also compass not working.other sound issue also face really wastes of money on this phone samsung & other phone is best.

        2 numbers that should not be seen in the same sentence - 720p and 2021! Moto g7+ last decent g series phone, gone downhill ever since with worse specs with every new release!

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          • 14 Mar 2021

          Nic joke from Motorola, my gf has G8 ... but G10 ? its practicly same :D wtf ..

            GSM Boy, 14 Mar 2021I never knew that Motorola have sunk so low, I remeber the... moreTheir One lineup was decent, and the G7+ is arguably the best used buy out there.

            The G10 is definitely a warm turd.

              I don't know what the hell they were thinking with this phone. If you're set on dumping your cheap stock of old SOCs, at least throw in 1080p displays and 18w charging.

                I never knew that Motorola have sunk so low, I remeber the time it traded blows with Samsung on each of its tier offering. Even Nokia phones are starting to look pretty good buy compared what Moto is offering. Its too sad to see a company that was unable to adjust to the setting of times.