Find X3 Neo and Find X3 Lite are more affordable yet still capable members of Oppo’s new lineup

11 March 2021
The Find X3 Neo relies on last year's flagship Snapdragon 865 while the X3 Lite comes with the midrange Snapdragon 765G.

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  • gq3
  • 13 Mar 2021

Cyberchum, 11 Mar 2021Both are bad at performance:price ratio. They know that som... moreHuawei flagship has the worst price/performance ratio then

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    • SoccerMom
    • gNR
    • 12 Mar 2021

    Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021Ignoring the pricing, I actually like their lineup. There&... moreWell there's no doubt in agreeing to what you summed up on oppo's offering disregarding the price. However the vast majority of consumers decides their purchase on the prices. And that's where oppo kinda fails for the mid range segments considering the demand is more there.

    The marketing strategy and their game in the mobile segments looks weak in the mid range segments as till date they hardly produced any phones with suitable price to performance ratio. And let's be honest most buyers in this range is looking for the best performance without burning much. Taking account the price drop in the later days, newer products becomes available again and unless the buyer has less conserns but rather is buying for the looks or just coz they're a fan.

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      • 12 Mar 2021

      Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Overpriced unknown brand outside China. I'm going Sa... moreUnknown, you live on Mars or what ?
      Almost all innovation in today's smartphone world is led by Oppo.

        Interestingly enough, Find X3 Neo doesn’t seem overpriced the way most Oppo smartphones in Western markets do. In fact, it might even be a good value for money, especially since Oppo phones usually end up being discounted heavily, but please bear me, since I’d genuinely appreciate hearing more thoughts on this.

        Let’s put its MSRP of £699 (815€) for the 8GB of RAM and 256Gb of UFS 3.1 storage in some context. Samsung launched S20 FE 5G—considered by many to be the Android of the year 2020–for 829€ and the same amount of RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. Oneplus 8T with 12GB of RAM and 256Gb of UFS 3.1 storage costs £649 (699€). Lastly, Pixel 5 with 8Gb of RAM 128Gb of UFS 2.1 storage costs £599 (629€). Now let’s compare it with S20 FE 5G.

        As said, both offer the same amount of RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. Neo has three proper cameras (it remains to be seen whether they can outdo S20 FE) and a 32MP selfie camera (which arguably loses badly to S20 FE since it can’t record videos in 4K). It has a 6.55” HDR10+ display which promises to go up to 1100 bits, which is a tad bit larger than S20 FE’s 6.5” and a tad bit less sharp (402ppi vs 407ppi). Its 90Hz lags behinds 120Hz, but it also boasts a newer Gorilla Glass 5. Both come with large 4500mAh batteries, but Neo offers 65W charging and a charger in the box (worth 50€ IMO), whereas S20 FE offers 25W but you only get 15W in the box. Also, Neo has Gorilla Glass 5 on the back whereas S20 FE has plastic. Personally, I prefer glass and insanely fast wired charging with charger included over plastic with wireless (and reverse) changing and average wired charging which forces you to spend extra to get most of it. Elsewhere, both have stereo speakers, S20 FE noticeably has IP68 rating which Neo sadly lacks and FM radio, whereas Neo has slightly newer Bluetooth (and slightly older USB). Both are dual SIM enabled and it remains to be seen which offers better connectivity.

        In brief, Neo compares favourably with S20 FE 5G... as long as we disregard software. This might prove to be its undoing! I don’t have a clue what Oppo’s like in this regard, but unless it can up its game and promise 3 years of Android (and four years of security updates), not many will chose Neo over S20 FE 5G, even discounted. Ironically, its sibling 8T is admittedly better in this regard, and even if Neo’s camera prove to be in a league above 8T’s, I reckon that most faced with the dilemma will choose it over Neo. Lastly, as regards to Pixel 5 with its outdated hardware, I refuse to concede it repressed a better value for money than Neo.

        To conclude, depending primarily on its camera prowess and discounts in the coming months, this might be a good value for money, as long as Oppo ups its software game. Wouldn’t you agree?

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          • 12 Mar 2021

          Ignoring the pricing, I actually like their lineup.
          There's the ultra flagship for the people who has too much money to spend, there's a flagship for the enthusiasts, there's a high-mid tier for the average people that wants a fast phone, and there's a "relatively cheap" mid end model for people who likes the aesthetic and don't have much requirement on specs.

            The Android Freak, 11 Mar 2021Oppo and Vivo always price their phone insanely high. Don&#... moreBoth are bad at performance:price ratio. They know that some associate high price with high quality.

              The Android Freak, 11 Mar 2021Redmi note 10 Pro is best value for money device. IKR? There's simply nothing better, currently.

              Don't let the IpsDisplay commenter see that, however.

                So this is s21 from oppo.

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                  • fm$
                  • 11 Mar 2021

                  so we are paying for the same chipset same as last generation Find X2 lite...that's ridiculous!

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                    • 3E4
                    • 11 Mar 2021

                    Overpriced unknown brand outside China.
                    I'm going Samsung A52 5G, but I would like to try Oppo one day.

                      An0n, 11 Mar 2021Yeah, the irony. What are they thinking with those price? I... moreSoftware support is good for top dogs from Oppo. People should go with Samsung and One Plus if they want good software support.

                        devyahoo, 11 Mar 2021if i have to get sd765g should go for op nord. which is che... moreYes, I agree.

                          Cyberchum, 11 Mar 2021And this X3 Shite for $560? It has SD765G. Yeah! Those p... moreOppo and Vivo always price their phone insanely high. Don't understand what's their strategy. Might work in short term but not in long term.

                            Cyberchum, 11 Mar 2021And this X3 Shite for $560? It has SD765G. Yeah! Those p... moreRedmi note 10 Pro is best value for money device.

                              Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Exclusive: Find X3 Lite=Oneplus 9RThere is already One Plus Nord with same chipset. One Plus should not launch this again with snapdragon 765G.

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                                • 11 Mar 2021

                                impinas, 11 Mar 2021No ultrawide on the Neo? But why?wdym it has it

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                                  • 11 Mar 2021

                                  if i have to get sd765g should go for op nord. which is cheaper option and bloatfree

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                                    • 11 Mar 2021

                                    Fakin over price

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                                      • 11 Mar 2021

                                      Woah... SD765G at 500$+. How niche.

                                        Lol, this is just a rebranded Reno5 Pro+ and Reno5 respectively for the Global market. It seems like Oppo really is following Xiaomi and Huawei route of giving one same smartphone model with a completely different name for different countries or regions.