Find X3 Neo and Find X3 Lite are more affordable yet still capable members of Oppo’s new lineup

11 March 2021
The Find X3 Neo relies on last year's flagship Snapdragon 865 while the X3 Lite comes with the midrange Snapdragon 765G.

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they are a worse choice than most phones out there. oppo has taken the crown from sammy for being the greediest android company.

    No ultrawide on the Neo? But why?

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      • 11 Mar 2021

      nkwama, 11 Mar 2021These affordable prices.Yeah, the irony. What are they thinking with those price? If they are trying to compete with Samsung, they're in big trouble. They haven't made a name outside of China, barely people know what oppo is. They don't have many repair store as many as Samsung. Their software support is questionable. And yet they are charging as much as Samsung does.

        These affordable prices.

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          • 11 Mar 2021

          Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Exclusive: Find X3 Lite=Oneplus 9R😂😂😂

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            • 11 Mar 2021

            Just buy the Reno equivalent, it's much cheaper, idk why Oppo is also turning into xiaomi and the like.
            It was so simple and easy with the og Find X & Reno (mid-range) + Reno 10xZoom (flagship)

              And this X3 Shite for $560?

              It has SD765G. Yeah! Those people mad that the Redmi Note 10 Pro doesn't have SD750G should get this no-microSD-slot crap, instead. Easy decision.

                Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Exclusive: Find X3 Lite=Oneplus 9ROppo leaked Oneplus designs again

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                  • 11 Mar 2021

                  Exclusive: Find X3 Lite=Oneplus 9R

                    Rebranded Reno 5 5G and Reno 5 Pro+ yay!

                      No 870 on the Neo...oof. They really want the global folks to buy the Pro.