New vivo iQOO Z smartphone with Snapdragon 768G appears online

17 March 2021
The phone is on Google Play Console, leaksters claim it will be called iQOO Z3.

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  • 18 Mar 2021

Rules when buying Chinese smartphone:
1. Buy ONLY flagship-killer / flagship-grade ones.
Why? because price = quality & performance (except Oppo/Vivo/Oneplus, cuz these brand nowadays sell crap for exorbitant price) & while mid-range & cheap low-end ones cut too much corner, I'll be surprised if u don't fed up by it in a year (these device tend to wear really fast, have horrible OS support, still using eMMC which either will slow down or get bootloop cuz of low-quality eMMC!)
2. Buy ONLY known Chinese OEM. Why? because u'll have higher chance to get Custom ROM & unlockable Bootloader.
3. Get ones with 3.5mm jack & microSD. Why? because buying TWS means burning ur money, since it's disposable once the battery faulty, while having microSD means you could buy the cheapest option available but can expand that to 10x the internal storage cheaper than the highest variant available. What's the point of having flagship device with top camera if u have to limit taking photo, video, & music so that the OS & apps could function properly?

Unfortunately, many people don't realize these, and keep buying anything Chinese OEM throw at them, making ONLY 2 OEMs with SD865-powered Android which still have microSD + 3.5mm jack are LG v60 & Sony 1 ii, 5 ii, & Pro!

I'll keep my LG v20, v30, & Poco F1 for a little longer, as people becoming more numb & dumb by days as they happily embraced OEM's 'paying more, getting less' policy.

    the fu(k is a 768G? I know one of the K30's has it (I think its the Racing)

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      • 17 Mar 2021

      The iqoo z1 is WAY more powerful. Its like going from an S20 to an s9 in performance