Exclusive: the vivo X60 series will be the first with pixel shift technology

20 March 2021
Pixel shift can be found on some DSLRs, but this is the first time it will be used on a smartphone.

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  • 20 Mar 2021

YUKI93, 20 Mar 2021If it wasn't for the embedded Sony YouTube video, I de... moreIn case u didn't know, Sony actually debuted this feature even earlier.

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    • 20 Mar 2021

    I am quite excited for this


    Here is a comparison between standard and pixel shift on the a7r iii, there is a massive resolution difference especially in the brick work. Unfortunately because of the slow readout of the full frame camera and high megapixels, you need a static scheme and a tripod, but Panasonic have tried motion compensation.

    I wonder how they will combine this with image stacking noise reduction as it could generate a whole host of new artifacts.


    I suggest people read this article about Bayer interpolation, Ken Rockwell is right to say that manufacturers essentially all lie to us about the megapixel counts of their cameras, because unlike your display which has RGB subpixels for each pixel, a bayer sensor which is essentially all camera sensors can only sample one colour and relies on its neighbours for interpolation, so the true resolution is much lower, that's why photos look awful at 1:1 and rely on such aggressive sharpening.

    For the person who asked doesn't the iPhone 12 pro have this, they clearly don't understand Bayer interpolation

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      • 20 Mar 2021

      tkSteveFOX, 20 Mar 2021I already have the X60 with Exynos 1080 and it doesn't... morehow is the exynos 1080 superior? it sure doesn't beat the SD870 in benchmark performance, it has also worse battery drain and heat management.
      it is said that Samsung's 5nm process is only as good as TSMC's 7nm process

        Vivo innovating as usual

          Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021"it also works on a tripod (Google’s approach clearly ... moreI've seen dozens of full size photo samples from Pixel 3 on several websites (The Verge, GSMArena, Anandtech, etc.) and I can confidently say that super res zoom, or Night sight that relies on the same stacking algorithms to increase the resolution, indeed works and shows noticeable difference in image quality even during the day. I suggest you to take your Pixel 3 to take it to the warranty service - there is a possibility that the OIS on yours might not be working as intended if you're not seeing any meaningful difference.

            Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021Huawei can't get colors properly, all of their images ... moreThe so called "yellow tint" only showed up in the P30 series running on earlier firmware versions. In fact Mate 30, P40 and Mate 40 series never suffered from that particular issue since they had been released.

              Erin, 20 Mar 2021Dumping everyhing into a phone is lazy technological innova... moreLol, don't expect to see a DSLR camera sensor on a phone anytime soon. You won't be seeing that even after ten years time.

                If it wasn't for the embedded Sony YouTube video, I definitely wouldn't have any clue about all the explanation. Makes me intrigued to see how this kind of technology works on a Quad (or Nona) Bayer camera sensor since the colours from the Bayer filter regrouped during pixel binning.

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                  • 20 Mar 2021

                  [deleted post]Huawei can't get colors properly, all of their images suffer from yellow tint due to RYYB sensor because they want to sell you low-light photos. In reality don't even matter cause you don't shoot much night photos as much as daytime and and all low light photos look like watercolor smudge no matter what phone you are using.

                  Huawei and Xiaomi rake of HDR stink in daytime photos. Too aggressive HDR fails at subject separation as it tries to even out the whole scene so buildings in the background might appear more important than your kid that's the centerpiece of the photo. But they keep selling you dynamic range cause "hey you can see whats outside the window" when you shoot indoors with a window in the background.

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                    • 20 Mar 2021

                    Nick Tegrataker, 20 Mar 2021Not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with your comment, ... moreWith all the in-house hardware, access to multiple custom sensors, they should be the one bringing in new tech like this, they should be the one pushing the bar software wise, instead they can't even get their own software right.

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                      • 20 Mar 2021

                      Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021Like turning people, cars and building into wax like Find X... moreFind X2 pro doesn't turn images to wax, only you think that.

                      It was in top 5 phones several times by Gsmarena staff, Xperia 1 II... Not so much.
                      Do you think they'd keep it in top 5 with waxy images? In every article, you repeat same lies because you hate Chinese.

                        Let's wait for the actual results! :)

                          Also reason why I got vivo(though one still with a jack), they got great hi res processing. With new hw its going to be even better, hopefully also in raw since they can do same all-fov-raw feat as sony.
                          As opposed to sony's 240mp quad bayer, phone's sensors are way smaller, getting hi res and HDR at once means 4-stacking for either or 4x4 likes for Hi Res HDR, may be also reason for 8-stack in vivo, not for sure though.

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                            • 20 Mar 2021

                            I already have the X60 with Exynos 1080 and it doesn't have this feature. Maybe it will be in an OTA later on, but surely the 1080 is a superior chip than the SD870. It's built on newer tech and design + a smaller integrated modem.

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                              • 20 Mar 2021

                              Great easy to understand article on what is pixel shift that even a noob like me understands it!

                                Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021Sorry to say, when apple does something they keep it doing ... moreAhem, 3d touch? Touch id?

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                                  • 20 Mar 2021

                                  "it also works on a tripod (Google’s approach clearly does not)"
                                  Google's approach works neither on a tripod nor handheld. It was just a marketing stunt. Theory and practice are completely different things. I tested Google's zoom many times over the years. It only works in not perfect light conditions (noisy).
                                  The reason is that they combine more frames when you zoom, so they can capture more light, which leads to less noise, so more details can be captured. In perfect light conditions the theory (!) is that it can capture more detail by avoiding demosaicing. But I compared the results many times over the years. In perfect light conditions without shadows there is not really an advantage over a crop of a single frame dng file and there is also not really an advantage over the Google Nexus 5x zoom, even though the Pixel 3 has a 27mm field of view whereas the Nexus has 26mm.
                                  Also note that Google combines their multi frame algorithm with machine learning zoom, which leads to smoother contours, but also adds wrong detail. In perfect light conditions you mostly see Google's machine learning zoom because Google's super resolution algorithm doesn't really work in perfect light conditions. And when the Pixel 5 was released, Google developed an algorithm that tries to remove sharpening halos, when digital zoom is used.
                                  Note that pixel shift from certain cameras does work, but it only really works on a tripod when the sensor is shifted very precisely. It doesn't really work handheld or with lens image stabilization, though it could be maybe possible that other companies develop better handheld super resolution algorithms in the future.
                                  Vivo uses the Samsung Gn1. Samsung advertises that the Gn1 can take 100 megapixel photos with a special algorithm. This is likely a super resolution algorithm. The Gn1 is a dual pixel sensor, so it can produce two different 50 megapixel photos simultaneously. The two results have a slightly different perspective. This could be used for a super resolution algorithm, but it would be noticeably worse than tripod sensor shift super resolution.

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                                    • 20 Mar 2021

                                    BBK electronics leading the innovation forefront as always.

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                                      • 20 Mar 2021

                                      beep bop boop, 20 Mar 2021Vivo- first phone with a dual pop up selfie camera (Viv... moreDumping everyhing into a phone is lazy technological innovation. But yes, it's good.


                                        first phone with a dual pop up selfie camera (Vivo F17 pro)
                                        first phone with a "rotating" gimbal stabilization (the X50)
                                        first 20mp smartphone (Vivo V5)
                                        first phone with 6gb RAM (XPlay 5)
                                        first phone with QHD display (Xplay 3S)
                                        first in display fingerprint sensor (X20 plus UD)

                                        now first phone with pixel-shift technology in camera. KEEP INNOVATING VIVO!!!!