Exclusive: the vivo X60 series will be the first with pixel shift technology

20 March 2021
Pixel shift can be found on some DSLRs, but this is the first time it will be used on a smartphone.

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Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021To be quite frank, vivo doesn't really get the recogni... moreWhile the 'available in China only' thing is a major factor, at least to me, they only excel in cameras and maybe displays but that's it. They don't carry enough LTE/5G bands for everywhere (at least Oppo's Find X3 series surprisingly did better on that), their audio is close to abysmal with lack of jack and garbage single speaker (which is sad because they use an awesome DAC on their old IQOO phones and type C headphones), and their battery life leaves a bit to be desired (because they try really hard to be skinny with small batteries).

Their cameras are fantastic. No arguments there. But that's definitely not the only focus of making a solid smartphone. Compared to the X3 Pro, I'd rather get the X3 due to stereo speakers, wireless charging, and more network coverage.

[deleted post]Not necessarily agreeing or disagreeing with your comment, but I really can't see how Sony is anything to do with this article.

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Pixel shift can do as many photos as the software want.
A7r4 does 16, results 240MP photos (RAW is 514MB).

Article does not say, but this tech does not work with motion.

  • Anonymous

Sorry to say, when apple does something they keep it doing in all its successors.
But other brands introduce new technologies and forget to keep it in next generation.
Its tough to believe that all next find series phones will have microscope or all mi 11 successors will have secondary screen on back.
For example mi 10 ultra had graphene battery and 120W charging but its successors don't have.

[deleted post]True!

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[deleted post]Like turning people, cars and building into wax like Find X2 Pro? Photos from Find X were better (check the review).

Except Samsung that also uses larger sensor, the chinese have obligation do to better than the rest. No matter software, smaller sensor always lose.

Look difference between Mate 10 and P20 Pro.
Mate 10 was garbage because it has small sensors.

It is impossible to have results provided by mi11 or mate 40 pro using 1/2.6" like Pixel 5 or Iphone 12.

No software on Earth can overcome hardware difference, otherwise Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and the rest would invest in smaller sensors like 4/3 + software tricks instead of full frame and big/heavy lenses. Would be much cheaper for them.

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It requires tripod.
The A7r3 has it as well.
I think it takes about 1s to change position.

  • Bestbou

I'm sorry for what may well be an amateur question ,but isn't pixel shift just sensor shift which is present in my iPhone 12 Pro Max?

And isn't Apple the first to bring this tech to smartphones ?

"The way Google did it for the Pixel 3 was to depend on your hand’s natural hand shake (carefully counterbalanced with the OIS system) to move the sensor around. Several shots are taken and then they are aligned by clever image processing algorithms. That’s one way to do it.
But from what we’re hearing it is not how vivo is going to pull it off. Instead, the company will leverage the unique gimbal system to move the sensor around. The advantages of this are one, it’s more precise, and two, it also works on a tripod (Google’s approach clearly does not)."

1. The sensor isn't being "moved around" but fixed in place.

2. The true sensor pixel shift technique requires extreme precision therefore cannot be used when the camera doesn't have a sensor-shift stabilisation. From the description given in this article it seems that Vivo is doing exactly what Google and Huawei have been doing for the last few years but more precisely using the gimbal OIS, although the accuracy of this information is quite questionable given that X60 Pro+'s main camera features the regular OIS (Only the UWA camera comes with the gimbal).

3. Google's approach works on a tripod as well, by very slightly jiggling the lens around using the motors. Google clearly stated this in their blog post.

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021This is why BBK electronics is at no.1 today. In today's time, we can only expect Chinese manufacturers to innovate.. Rest of the manufacturers like Apple and others are bringing nothing new to the table.

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They actually better not remove all the essential features globally on their X60 Series. Such as the charger, the earphones in the box and other goodies.

Please Vivo don't be like Scamsung and Crapple.
Keep innovating.

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To be quite frank, vivo doesn't really get the recognition they deserve, they are very underrated, and even the vivo X50 Pro+ didn't even have as much recognition astheir most popular phones. Probably because of the China only models.

But it's sad that Samsung and Apple is getting more marketshare than those brands that actually innovate.

So removing the charger is innovating then, huh?
What a joke of those two companies.

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the x60 series actually better have this in all of their global versions, since they are gonna price it even more in the global market than their homeland market.

also, their designs are actually very very good, way even better than the find x3 series from oppo.

i should also say even better than oneplus' aswell.

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This phone is actually a very good phone from Vivo. They actually make better phones than their sister brands, Oppo, OnePlus & Realme, they really did nail it on their X50 and X60 Series. They actually put out extremely good specs for their prices and they are honestly very reasonable.

Their X60 Pro+ is honestly more worth the value than the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, but we have never seen such software experiences from true reviewers or paid reviewers.

X60 Pro+'s camera setup really impressed me, and adding this pixel shift tech on their phones globally will be such a great deal at such price.

Overall, they are the best brand out of the entire BBK company.

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021This is why BBK electronics is at no.1 today. BBK is effectively just a holding company though so it's not involved in the trade of it's holdings. Basically Vivo and Oppo are the two main phone brands held by BBK and they are the companies that have control over their sub-brands but Oppo and Vivo are independent from each other. Vivo owns iqoo and Oppo owns Oneplus and Realme

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The pixel shift should be used on the periscope lens, 2x lens, portrait mode, night mode, and in all cameras. Since zooming with 8 MP isn't as great. And the ultrawide cameras are often soft, so maybe with super resolution, it can be sharper.

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This is why BBK electronics is at no.1 today.

  • AnonD-986036

I have been using an Vivo X50 Pro amd the canera is as good as promised. I never got blurry night mode photos, or even so many EIS vibrations in lowlight as competitors. The stabilisation is insane in photo mode, you are guaranteed non blurry HDR photos. The zoom is great, the portrait mode can be used on 1x, 2x, and even the periscope lens at 5x. Install gcam, and the detail levels go wild, night sight is non blurry. I have even got to an instance where i activated the astrophotography mode, because of my steady hands and the gimbal, the astro mode kicked in. Wow. The only downsides of X50 Pro camera is processing speed, smooth zoom, laggy interface (midrange chip), and the ultrawide is bad at only 8 MP

Seem to be the only brand with major camera innovation in the last year or so. The gimbal stabilization is definitely an improvement over traditional OIS

Makes sense. Essentially using a subpixel level clone brush.