Tag Heuer name their phone Meridiist

17 Apr, 2008
After numerous recent rumors, the Tag Heuer luxurious mobile phone is finally officially announced. The oddly named Tag Heuer Meridiist is a high-roller fashionable handset and a perfect match...

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  • mobile phone's funs

that's very good !i like !
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  • Anonymous

To whom this may concern....your decision to still stand behind the Tiger is one that I find offensive....for the obvious reasons...I personally own 2 of your fine watches...why would your company align itself with a person of poor moral character? LMS...canada


is nice

  • the Loft

The parts are made in Taiwan! And so does the serenata "korea" and vertu " china" all have asian parts!

  • Anonymous

You don't get to be rich if your'e dumb, unless of course you have rich parents, or maybe you've won a lottery. Anyone who wants to buy this phone if they can afford it why not? As long as they like it.

  • Vlad

To the unknown who last wrote on this web page .........
I don't have a BMW. I don't even own any kind of car. Well, if you could call my bycile a "car" then yes ..... I am the proud owner of a two wheeled car! :-))) :-))) :-)))
As for the mobile phone I'm using...
Hey, don't you call my Nokia 6310i a "mid-range nokia", ok?
Tell this thing one more time, and I will let my friends Van Damme and Seagal deal with you, ok? :-))) :-))) :-))) :-))) :-)))

Thank you for your comment (or "answer", whatever...) and whoever you might be and have a nice and sunny day ! ;-)

  • Anonymous

It was quite entertaining reading how Vlad have to explain half a page of an innocent joke after Kitana took it too personal, no offends to both of you, just in my honest opinion from what I've read. But come to think of it, who knows what phone Vlad really use and how rich Kitana really is. V could be talking on his mid-range nokia but driving his convertible M6. On the other hand, K claim could afford the Tag but may be just living in a small apartment (hypothetically speaking:D). My point is, who cares if someone is rich enough to buy the planet, and who cares if someone is making a "not so funny" joke. K, don't take anything too personal, after all, this is just a public forum anybody can express their feeling in a casual environment. Have a bigger heart, I'm sure it will take you further than money can. V, no need to apologise for a casual joke (again, IMHO), I am impress how you take time to clarify the misunderstand, more power to you! Hope we all step back and enjoy what crappy phone Tag can produce jk jk :) damn I don't want to offend anyone anymore:(

  • Anonymous

For god's sake can kitana and vlad give it a rest, this isnt the place to have a domestic. get a life and stop getting offended over such a trivial thing kitana. Can people not just put comments on the phone instead?!?! Who cares if you're rich kitana, did you get rich by blabbing to the whole world that you are? Rant over

  • Vlad

To Kitana (04): I so sorry my comments offended you. This was not my intention. I wanted to sound funny, to sound like a joke. Offending people I just don't know ... this is not me. Please forgive me. :-(

  • Anonymous

So much time waiting to buy this phone. I have already known that they will have a problem to do its keyboard but...
Its easier to criticize it than to produce it.

Welcome to the world baby, one of my old good souvenir.

  • kitana

to vlad. I know you're joking, but the joke's on me and I didn't find it funny, but rather offensive. I read a lot of comments here saying that this phone is only for the rich. Stereotyping all rich people to be dumb to buy anything expensive and with a name. That is wrong. I say that because only a stupid person would buy this phone regardless of their financial status. I wouldn't buy a Mercedes for $60,000 if it performs like a Kia, just like I wouldn't buy this Tag Heuer phone for $4000 when its specs are that of an entry level Nokia phone.

  • Soul

This phone fetches 3k+ Euros and it's so much more expensive than the PORSCHE and Nokia 8800 ARTE Sapphire? Tag Heuer is awesome!!! but I won't buy any of this nonsense. It's all for rich and famous

  • Vlad

To "Kitana2" (01): I am not complaining at all about "Kitana" and he (she) is absolutely free to do whatever he (she) wants with his money. The fact that I asked for a "Nokia N95 8Gb" was just a joke: I am not a begger and I will never accept excepnsive gifts from anybody.
I really have no use for a "Nokia N95 8Gb", I don't need that kind of phone. I simply love my "Nokia 6310i".
Call me old-fashioned, but ... this is me. :o)
All the best !

  • Vlad

To Kitana (03): I was only joking with the other 2 e-mails. The only mobile phone I could (I say "I could" because taking expensive gifts, it's simply not me) take as a gift, is a Nokia 6310i. I've been using these kind of phone for the last 4 years, and honestly: I don't need another one. Let's say that someone buys me an expensive phone, then the next step would be that I will sell that phone and buy a couple more of Nokia 6310is. This phone is the ultimate phone for me and I really wouldn't need another.
I am working harder everyday: today, a little bit more than yesterday and tomorrow, a little bit more than today.
And good luck to you, too and thank you for your time.
Have a nice and sunny day !

PS: When time permitted, come to Romania. It's a great
country. ;o)


hey man its a loot. vertu is a much much better option.

  • golomto

look like 50$ phone

  • Anonymous

Oh god....im compelled to say that i havent seen a more ugly piece of metal...disguised as a branded mobile like this one.

  • Kitana2

@kitana vlad, I was ready to ask the same to kitana but vlad do it first. V you wouldn't complain K on what he do with his money, may be he is helping people in his way. it's hard to heard but this is z best thing you can do to afford it, it's always hard to heard the right. so let's work hard to get one of these phone, or?

  • kitana

to vlad. Sorry but it does not work that way. I worked hard to make money. I started from very little and worked my way up. Maybe you need to work harder =) Good luck.

  • Vlad

To Kitana (02): I got a job, but still I can't afford buying a Nokia N95 8Gb. The reason is simple: my monthly income is lower than the price of a brand new Nokia N95 8Gb. But I will find a way to buy a brand new one... This phone really rocks! And if you don't want to buy me a Nokia N95 8Gb, you can buy a Ferrari as well. Or a yacht... or even a private jet. Your choice. :o))