Lenovo Legion 2 Pro arrival officially scheduled for April 8

24 March 2021
The gaming handset will “solve problems that others can’t”.

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Anonymous, 25 Mar 2021How'd they solve the bad 888 chip?Its not bad it just gets hotter

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    • Anonymous
    • sUS
    • 25 Mar 2021

    How'd they solve the bad 888 chip?

      Legion 1 had the best speakers ever in a mobile, Moto Z with Soundboost Mod is an exception. Yet they did not launch the handset worldwide. I believe Legion 2 has the same fate. If they launch it worldwide, or most of the countries, and keep a good price tag, they can sell at large.

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        • we
        • gLs
        • 24 Mar 2021

        We need 3D Hologram projections phones

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          • AnonD-940827
          • nQY
          • 24 Mar 2021

          If only it was weather sealed, and could be with oxygen os. It would be worth my money.

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            • Mr Architect
            • Hkr
            • 24 Mar 2021

            I will definitely buy it if Lenevo does a budget legion phone with dimensity 700/800 series cpu and instead of motorized front camera, just make rear triple camera setup flip up like asus zenphone 7 pro.. (if more cost needs to be cut, remove motorized flip, we can use our hands to manually flip it)

            also 90/120 hz oled display with 180/240 touch sampling is completely fine no need for 144hz

            but yes battery life much needed for us gamers ATLEAST 5500+ Mah battery life and we gamers don't care about phone thickness make it 10+mm for all we care

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              • gaynovo
              • yrh
              • 24 Mar 2021

              this phone was biggest failure cuz of greed they asked 1000 euro for first lenovo phone lol nobody paid for it in europe dont do same mistake again noob lenovo.

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                • Anonymous
                • pKM
                • 24 Mar 2021

                Unless it's got better updates & support than the original Legion phone, avoid this like the plague. It'll be expensive and have screwed-up OTA updates that simply don't work.

                  I have yet to see someone with the first Legion, not even a review, but they already releasing a new version. Really, why?..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 25F
                    • 24 Mar 2021

                    please solve the price problem lol

                      Interesting maybe will buy if under 850 euro

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                        • Anonymous
                        • ijn
                        • 24 Mar 2021

                        maybe if it's got two usb type c ports, otherwise not really.