Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra brings massive camera sensors and two screens, Mi 11i also announced

29 March 2021
The phone features 67W wireless fast charging developed in house, which can fully fill the battery in 36 minutes.

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Ram, 30 Mar 2021At the end of the day apple would still sell more iphones t... moreYou think your data is safe with American companies like Google, Facebook and Apple??

Apple refines nothing. It simply gives you latest features a decade late.

Consistent updates?? Oh you mean the buggy mess that is rolled out every year on iOS where they spend the next six months fixing it?? Or the features that arrive 5 years late on an average?? Or the cumbersome and handicapped nature of the OS that is still not fixed after 14 years and can't match the flexibility provided by Android.

pufanu, 30 Mar 2021Get over it and move on. Buy a Sony and be done with it then.If I could share a picture, I'd post a picture of my Xperia 1 II with focus on the headphone jack. Can't wait for the Xperia 1 III launching on the 14th, but personally I'll upgrade next year when hopefully we get 8K decent quality video in smartphones, at least 30fps not 24fps with stabilisation, so using frame interpolation decent 60fps footage can be achieved.

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jamalu96, 01 Apr 2021Rog 5 have 3.5 jack in the phone itself.I stand corrected

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2021When is rog bringing it back? It being on the fan accessors... moreRog 5 have 3.5 jack in the phone itself.

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Companies already charging extra for the charger.
But according to gsmarena it was supposed to be the same price with or without the charger.

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Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021Sony and ROG are bringing back the earphone jack. But yes, ... moreWhen is rog bringing it back? It being on the fan accessors accessory is no better than having to use an adaptor on another phone.

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Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021If you want to see what a sensor is capable of, use RAW. ... moreWhere did you get the information that Samsung sensors are cheaper? Also cheaper does not mean inferior.

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YUKI93, 30 Mar 2021That's because your Mi 10T Pro screen is an LCD type. ... moreBut shouldn't an Amoled panel running at 24hz less should consume less battery???

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Abi, 30 Mar 2021Even tho I echo your sentiments, flagships with the good ol... moreSony and ROG are bringing back the earphone jack. But yes, they only have a very small part of the market

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Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021If you want to see what a sensor is capable of, use RAW. ... moreKinda agree. Sony's sensors are more sensituve and could receive light better than competitors for now

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jamalu96, 30 Mar 2021Due to the pentile arrangement of subpixels, amoled have le... moreIn reality is sharper than that still

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That f2.0 though :(.
F1.7/1.8... or dual aperture like Samsung did with f1.5 and f2.4....
And please don't reply with something stupid thinking you need to teach me about sensor size, light intake, and pixel binning.
F2.0 is still going to be dimmer in some scenarios.

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I don't like xiaomi but the model 11 pro looks much better as a design .

  • Anonymous

It's very ugly phone

Xiaomi could have removed one or two more things to make the phone more affordable, like the IP rating, use CGG5 instead of CGG Victus, leave out the Ceramic back and just use plastic instead, also leave out wireless charging. 1300 EUROS is still too much for any smartphone and this is just my point of view, let's all be respectful of each other's point of view.

  • Simon

Wow! Mi take the smartphone to a new level! I thought of buying OnePlus 9 Pro, but does Mi 11 has Stock Andriod? I don't like mimu os.

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TheLastOracle, 30 Mar 2021Some absolutely stellar hardware starting with that Samsung... moreIf you want to see what a sensor is capable of, use RAW.
Xiaomi and Vivo have Samsung because they are much cheaper than Sony sensors.
Samsung sensors are inferior.

Apple, Google, Huawei, Honor, LG, Htc, Oppo, OnePlus all choose exmor over isocell for main camera.

  • krishang

Please can you give me this smartphone in free

  • Abi

Yuri84, 30 Mar 2021Dongle? You can keep it, I'll pick something with a jack.Even tho I echo your sentiments, flagships with the good old jack are going extinct. 3.5mm jacks are included in only mid range phones these days which might get dropped in coming years. I am saddened and frustrated by the phone industry embracing Apple's philosophy of "creating a problem and then selling the fix".

  • yeah

Gorgeous phone, ...if it had been usable (outside china). Hardware is gorgeous, but the software cripples it completely for international market. Considering the US ban, Ads in OS, the common Xiaomi software issues and compatibility, it is nice to know this phone exists but ultimately not something anyone should buy outside China.