Motorola Roadmap 2008 leaked

18 Apr, 2008
A whole bunch of new Motorola handsets seem to be under way. Some of the devices have already been spotted online but now we have more details and there are some devices that haven't come up...

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  • Nokia + SE Fans

Motorola's turn off point for me: No matter what design, model, feature, accessories or whatever it is Motorola adds to their phones; if the user interface/phone menu remains old and unchanged... What's the point? BORING!!

  • Zobi

I like the A1600. I've always thought the A1200 was underrated.

  • jonathan

motorola its getting better models, better camera (5mpx) and the linux are great, motorola rocks!!!

  • nokiadict

Ok Motorola you have a bunch of handsets coming, but where is the hook phone? where is the super phone with 5megapixels camera with autofocus, fullscreen touch, expandible card, GPS, Google Maps, and all the bunch of features to impress? They should do like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Sonyericsson, first the hook, then the low price phones. That's how they should impress.

  • gg

first like always